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Watch Out For Investment In Dye Intermediates

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DyesIntermediatesInvestment Fever

In the first half of this year, the price of dyestuffs has led to the development of dye intermediates.

Dye enterprises have been involved in dye intermediates, and enterprises outside the industry are also brewing or launching dye intermediate projects.

It is important to have a scientific and rational structure for an industry to develop healthily and continuously.

At present, China's dyestuff intermediates industry has a single product structure, low added value and low quality.

At present, most of dyestuff intermediates are bulk and low value products in China. Some high-grade raw materials and intermediates still rely on imports, such as fluorine intermediates, which are mainly used in high-end applications such as fluorine dyes, fluorocarbon surfactants and fluorine containing finishing agents.

However, most of the fluorinated intermediates, especially high value-added fluorine dye intermediates, still need to be imported.

This is mainly due to the fact that domestic dyestuff intermediates are small in scale, single in structure, few in scale economy, and few in large enterprises.

This leads to the fact that the economic strength of enterprises is not good, and the input in product development is also very limited, which leads to the convergence of product structure, the low end products are mostly, the added value is not high, and the quality is not high.

Of course, unreasonable structure is bound to restrict the development of dye intermediate industry.

Although China has become the world's production base for dyestuff intermediates, at present, enterprises are still mainly producing dyestuff intermediates with low added value, such as phthalocyanine and acetanilide, and so on.

Therefore, compared with foreign dyestuff intermediates, domestic enterprises still lack competitiveness.

There is also a single homogenization of the intermediates industry, which will lead to fierce competition in the market if the market demand changes.

In the future, with the commissioning of some projects in the intermediate industry, the increase in supply will lead to overcapacity of some products, and the market environment it will face will change, and some regional market price wars will be inevitable.

Although the profit level of dye intermediate industry is higher overall, there will be great changes in the future.

The most important thing is China's dyestuff intermediates industry.

Innovation ability

Not strong.

At present, the technology innovation ability of China's dyestuff intermediates is not strong, and the investment of new product development is insufficient, leading to the development of some new dyestuff intermediates in China, which has affected the development and industrialization of new dye varieties.



The unit reaction of nitrification and reduction is mainly based on traditional technology, but it is not advanced in production technology. There is a gap between quality and usability in the production process compared with those in Europe and the United States.

On the whole, our country

Dyestuff enterprise

There are still weak links in the production technology and technology, the technology has not been improved, the technology has not been improved, and there is a gap between the quality indicators and usability in comparison with foreign countries.

If we do not innovate or innovate at a low pace, we will not be able to talk about the great development and great prospects of the industry.

The key to an industry's sustainable development is innovation.

If a technological industry does not innovate or innovate, it can only be self defeating.

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