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Jiangnan Jiajie 3D Printing Technology Has Made Remarkable Progress.

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Jiangnan Jiajie3DPrinting Technology

Jiangnan Jiajie 3D printing technology has made remarkable progress.

Jiangnan Jiajie

The 3D printing technology currently under development has two aspects:

First, the company cooperated with the Suzhou Research Institute of Xi'an Jiaotong University and accepted the prospective joint research project commissioned by the Jiangsu provincial science and Technology Department: "constrained ultraviolet light".

Printing technology

The hardware of the prototype has been assembled and entered the stage of software debugging and process test.

Two is

SLS400 powder

The prototype of the sintered 3D printer has been trial manufactured, and the project of "3D printing polymer composite material R & D", which is working with Soochow University, is progressing normally.

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Description: the results provide polypyrrole / nano platinum composite conductive fibers and their preparation methods and applications.

In the process of production and processing, textiles are prone to generate static electricity due to friction and induction. The resistivity of conventional fibers is above 1010 ohm /cm, and the charge generated is not easy to dissipate.

The accumulation of electrostatic charge will not only affect the comfort of clothing during the wearing process, but also affect the health of human body and cause damage to electronic components.

Therefore, the development of materials with antistatic and electromagnetic shielding functions has become an important research field in the material industry.

In the field of textiles, conductive fibers are important raw materials for obtaining fabrics with antistatic and electromagnetic shielding functions.

After proper cleaning, the fibers were soaked in oxidant solution, soaked in 10~30min, dried or dried at room temperature. Then the treated fiber was placed in a sealed container filled with pyrrole vapor, 0~30 5~30min, and finally washed with ethanol and deionized water, and dried or dried naturally. Then the conductive fiber A was obtained.

The conductive fiber A was immersed in 0.5~2h solution of chloro platinic acid in solubility 0.1~1.0mol/L, and then immersed in pyrrole aqueous solution of 0.01~0.1mol/L. The 6~10h was then reacted at room temperature, and then washed with ethanol and deionized water, and dried or dried naturally, then polypyrrole / nano platinum composite conductive material was obtained.

The conductive fiber can be directly woven, and can be blended with ordinary fibers in 1:10~100 ratio to obtain antistatic and electromagnetic shielding textiles.

The designed polypyrrole / nano platinum composite conductive fiber has a specific resistance of 103~107 EU / cm, and has the functions of antistatic and electromagnetic shielding.

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