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Haian Chemical Fiber Industry And Textile Academy Carry Out Industry University Research Docking

2014/8/31 15:42:00 28

Haian Chemical Fiber IndustryTextile AcademyIndustry University Research Institute

Haian County of Jiangsu Province recently held the seminar on the production, study and research of chemical fiber industry in China Textile Science Research Institute. 10 experts from Haian and China Textile Science Research Institute carried out Docking communication 7 cooperation intentions were reached.

The two sides introduced each other to Haian. Chemical fiber industry The situation and the general situation of scientific research and development of the Chinese Academy of textile science were introduced, and a special introduction was made to the situation of the new generation of polycaprolactam industrial technology development and application service platform of the Chinese Academy of textile science.

   Haian The 10 enterprises and the experts and professors of the Chinese Academy of textile science have conducted joint exchanges and reached 7 cooperation intentions. During the meeting, the participants visited the key research and development institutions such as the National Engineering Research Center of the National Institute of textile science and the national synthetic fiber engineering technology research center.

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Recently, experts and scholars from the Chinese Academy of engineering and more than 20 famous universities and research institutes in the whole country have been consulting the the Yellow River ancient road forest park in Xiajin County, Shandong province.

At the seminar, the Xiajin county government of Shandong province and the State Key Laboratory of silkworm genome biology of Southwestern University signed the framework agreement on mulberry industry development strategy cooperation.

Southwestern University decided to establish academician workstation in Xiajin, carry out scientific research on mulberry trees, excavate mulberry resources value in leaf, fruit and medicine, promote scientific research and transformation of mulberry industry, and provide strong technological support for the development of mulberry industry in Xiajin county.

It is understood that at present, Xiajin has 128 thousand mu of the Yellow River old road ecological forest park, including ancient mulberry tree group of more than 6000 mu, over a hundred years old mulberry tree 2 million strains.

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