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How To Identify The Quality Of Rubber Shoes?

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Silica GelShoe MaterialFluorine Glue

1 medium tolerance experiment

Samples can be sampled from the finished products and immersed in selected one or several media. After a certain temperature, weighing is made and the types of materials are deduced according to the rate of hardness change and the rate of hardness change.

For example, in 100 degrees of oil soaking for 24 hours, NBR, fluorine, ECO, CR quality and hardness change rate is very small, while NR, EPDM, SBR weight gain more than doubled, and hardness changes greatly, volume expansion is obvious.

2 hot air aging test

Sampling from the finished product, aging in aging box for one day, observing the phenomenon of aging.

Aging can be graded and gradually heated up.

For example, 150 degrees CR, NR, SBR will be brittle broken, NBR EPDM also has flexibility.

Up to 180 degrees, ordinary NBR will break off, and HNBR will break down at 230 degrees.

Silica gel

It still has good elasticity.

3 combustion method

Take a little rubber

Shoe material

Plant samples are burned in the air.

Observe the phenomenon.

Generally speaking, fluorine glue, CR, CSM are away from fire, and even burn fire is much smaller than that of NR and EPDM.

Of course, if we observe carefully, the burning state, color and smell will also provide us with much information.

For example, NBR/PVC and glue, when the source of fire spatter splash, seems to have water like, away from the fire extinguished, smoke thick and sour.

It is important to note that sometimes the addition of flame retardants without halogen glue will extinguish itself from fire, which should be further deduced by other means.

4 measuring specific gravity

Use an electronic scale or analytical balance to accurately reach 0.01 grams, plus a glass of water and a hair.

Generally speaking, the proportion of fluorine rubber is the largest, more than 1.8, and CR ECO is more than 1.3.

5 low temperature method

Samples were taken from the finished products, and a suitable low temperature environment was made with dry ice and alcohol.

Soak the sample in low temperature for 2-5 minutes and feel the hardness and hardness at the selected temperature.

For example, -40 degrees, the same high temperature resistant oil resistant silica gel and good.

Fluorine rubber

In contrast, silicone shoes in rubber shoes factories are relatively soft.

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