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Oversize Autumn Winter Fashion And Sports Boots Collocation

2014/8/31 15:46:00 35

OversizeAutumn Winter FashionSports Boots


Although this year is Sports wind Chao Dun Dao, but have you ever fantasized about what Oversize looks like if you return to the Sporty again and combine with style style? Today, we will bring you a hard shot of the knitted series and knee sports shoes.

Compared with last year, this year's Oversize It is much more exaggerated that the dramatic length and knitted material clothing make the sag more obvious by the weight of the fabric itself, and also show the designer's ingenuity.

Black needle from Yohji Yamamoto sweater Lanvin's mixed wool MIDI skirt, Calvin Klein and C e line cotton wool coat, or Comme des Gar ons ons extreme suit and knee suit coat, the original winter and autumn elements and sports shoes are so perfect! Do you start looking forward to winter coming soon?


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