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The Difference Between EVA Midsole And PHYLON Midsole

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You know all those shoes.

Gym shoes

The vast majority of people at the bottom know what materials are in the middle of the PHYLON, compared with the EVA midsole.

These two kinds of shoes belong to the same attribute category, namely, engineering plastics. But why are there any differences in the way of calling? PHYLON originated in the United States, the first shoe bottom is called PHYLON, there is no difference between the EVA midsole and the PHYLON midsole, and then the footwear products are growing continuously. The research and development workshop of some large brand footwear products in Taiwan and Korea is the fountainhead, and the system of the title of the bottom is doubled.

EVA midsole

Next I will talk about the difference between EVA midsole and PHYLON bottom.

Nowadays, the most common use of shoes is the bottom.

PHYLON midsole

The most obvious feature of PHYLON is that it is light, elastic, and has a good cushioning function. PHYLON is called the two foaming.

EVA midsole is also very light, but the two aspects of slow and elastic can not be compared with the PHYLON midsole. The cost of the EVA is much lower than that of PHYLON, and the middle of the EVA is often called a foaming.

They are similar in character and different in method. The reason for their difference is that PHYLON is the two foaming and EVA is a foaming.

What is a foaming? That is to say, when the raw material is injected into the mold, the middle sole of the shoe formed once after heating by high temperature is called a foaming middle sole, which is commonly referred to as the sole of EVA shoes.

What is the two time foaming? That is, after the raw material is injected into the mold, the sole of the shoe is fired through two high temperature heating treatments.

The hardness of PHYLON is also controlled by the temperature of this process. In the process of firing PHYLON, the higher the temperature, the greater the density of PHYLON and the hardness of the product.

The smaller the temperature is, the lighter and softer the natural burning PHYLON will be. Therefore, the quality of the middle sole of the shoe should not be weighed only by product quality or hardness.

The bottom of the cloth is also the middle sole of the PHYLON, mainly because of a shoe making technology that the designer wants to pursue for the overall design. The best example is that the sole and shoe sole of the shoe are made of the same cloth, making the combination of the shoe body and the sole body a perfect combination. This is also a shining point in the construction process of this shoe.

To complete this kind of process is to use the selected cloth to wrap the already formed PHYLON middle sole, and to burn it in the mold at high temperature will form the sole of the shoe that we see in LB1.

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