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Cotton Fiber Determination In Shanghai Fiber Inspection Institute ISO International Standard Release

2014/8/31 15:49:00 27

ShanghaiFibre Inspection InstituteISO International Standard

Recently, the quality control system certification (ISO) international standard ISO18068 cotton fiber sugar content test spectrophotometric method (Cottonfibers - Testmethodforsugarcontent - Spectrophotometry) was officially issued by the Shanghai quality supervision and Inspection Technology Research Institute.

This is the first ISO international standard issued by China in the field of natural cellulosic fiber, and it is a sign of enhancing China's right to speak in the field of textile international standard setting.

It is understood that the standard The project was completed in April 28, 2012 and lasted for 28 months. Not only fills ISO standard The blank of the standard method for quantitative determination of sugar content in cotton fibers provides an international standard for testing the sugar content of cotton fibers and provides an important basis for the analysis and textile processing of cotton fibers. Cotton fiber It is of great significance to trade and guide the procurement and production of raw materials.

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Recently, experts and scholars from the Chinese Academy of engineering and more than 20 famous universities and research institutes in the whole country have been consulting the the Yellow River ancient road forest park in Xiajin County, Shandong province.

At the seminar, the Xiajin county government of Shandong province and the State Key Laboratory of silkworm genome biology of Southwestern University signed the framework agreement on mulberry industry development strategy cooperation.

Southwestern University decided to establish academician workstation in Xiajin, carry out scientific research on mulberry trees, excavate mulberry resources value in leaf, fruit and medicine, promote scientific research and transformation of mulberry industry, and provide strong technological support for the development of mulberry industry in Xiajin county.

It is understood that at present, Xiajin has 128 thousand mu of the Yellow River old road ecological forest park, including ancient mulberry tree group of more than 6000 mu, over a hundred years old mulberry tree 2 million strains.

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