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High Tech Materials Achieve "Thermal Clothing"

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High TechnologyMaterials"Thermal Clothing"

Here world Clothing and shoes Xiaobian of the network introduces the high-tech materials to the "thermal clothing".

"Thermal eiderdown", "fever and warmth", "thermal pants"... As the weather turns cooler, the clothing industry in Beijing has set off a "heat wave". In the "high-tech" clothing that flies across the street, there are really thermal clothing that can automatically generate heat, and there are products that are purely fried. Insiders remind consumers that they must be careful when buying, so as not to be fooled by false concepts.


Warm clothing this year

All selling "hi tech"

After the golden week, with the coming of a cold air, the capital of the city had a "thermal wave". Last week, reporters found at the outside of Taigu, UNIQLO outside Sanlitun, a HEATTECH series of underwear trials are being held here. In the store's special experience area, the reporter saw the words "fever" and "insulation" on his advertisements. During the reporter's visit, a number of staff members kept reminding him: "put your palm in and experience the warmth."

In addition, reporters at the front of the Wangfujing department store saw that the Columbia brand was also holding a new down roadshow activity, not only showing new products, but also inviting people to take part in the ice competition to experience the technology of Omi thermal energy.

According to UNIQLO staff, the HEATTECH series self heating underwear was available only a few years ago, but this year only began to become popular in Beijing. "Mainly because its material is different from other underwear, it can generate fever itself." The staff said that this self heating material itself absorbs the vapour evaporated by the body and converts it into heat energy. The air layer formed between the fibers plays an insulation effect to prevent heat loss.

In addition, Columbia staff also said that its dual thermal reflective down coat is the exclusive development of Omni-Heat OMI professional thermal insulation technology, the breakthrough double silver material efficiently reflects the human body heat, in order to enhance the warmth and reduce heat loss effectively.

   The market will be hot with the full name.

Reporters noted that in addition to the famous brands such as UNIQLO, there are more and more small brands now looking at the "heat" cake, have launched similar products. For example, when the reporter entered the search for "thermal feather" on Taobao, there appeared nearly a thousand treasure, most of which were called thermal down clothing and thermal pants.

In Beijing, it has not yet entered the winter season. One of the most popular thermal power down garments has reached 138 monthly sales. The reporters found that these clothes, which were known to be hot, claimed that they were using the latest materials, and they would be hot themselves. These so-called "heating" clothing prices are not expensive, mostly around 200 yuan, some of the thermal pants less than 100 yuan.

In a Taobao shop selling thermal pants, shopkeepers said the "thermal pants" were made of high-tech materials. For the price of less than 100 yuan, it is only for small profits but quick turnover.

  The technology in the industry is really light and warm.

"The clothes that will be hot, this is really there." A garment industry insider said that there are many new clothing materials, which are both warm and frivolous. "The materials are more complex and professional, but the down garments and clothing that are made of these materials are even more than ten degrees below zero. It is warm enough to wear a shirt and wear a warm clothing outside."

The senior lightweight feather down product of UNIQLO is a high-tech product, the senior lightweight feather outer fabric is made of special high-density nylon fabric, which is about 1/10 of the hair of ordinary people. "It is this fine yarn that shapes the amazing ultra light feeling," the source said. In addition, the gap between the outer sealing fibers of the down jacket does not need to use a liner, thereby lighten the weight of the down jacket.

In addition, the person said that the Columbia dual thermal reflective down coat with high fluffy quality feather material can also ensure its high compressibility and weight reduction, which can be easily packed and conveniently carried.

For Taobao's low price products, the person advised buying cautiously: "most of the low-priced products are borrowed from the concept of speculation, and their technology content is not too high, we must carefully select when buying."

  Caution should be taken in the purchase of unfilled flesh.

According to the insiders, the latest national standards for down coats introduced in May this year put forward corresponding requirements for raw materials, filling materials, chromatic aberration, physical and chemical properties, and so on. In addition, it also increased the requirements of safety and technical indicators, and the physical safety requirements of infants and children's clothing.

Insiders say that the amount of cashmere is the proportion of feather in the stuffing, and the amount of filling is the total weight of the down garment. These two indicators of low down clothing, its thermal insulation is usually not up to standard.

During the visit, the reporter noticed that the price of down coats suitable for Northern weather is mostly between 2000 yuan and 3000 yuan. However, compared with the previous years, the down jacket is getting thinner and thinner. Most of the filling is about 150 grams.

The amount of cashmere in regular brand down clothing is about 80% - 90%. And some clothing wholesale market or individual online shop sales "down clothing", containing cashmere volume is only 30% or even lower. Experts suggest that when buying down coats, the public must take good care of the amount of cashmere and the amount of cashmere, so as not to buy clothes that are not warm.

   2014 down fashion analysis

Slim Edition

With the advent of 2014 new winter clothing products, "Chaozhou" people found that the down jacket is no longer only the color, length, filling thickness of the difference between thick and thin, its design sense is also stronger and stronger.

Some high-end brand designers use innovative designs and exquisite craftsmanship to keep the down jacket warm. Soft, comfortable, windproof and breathable fabrics, a new profile, and a fine quilting line, make the original drab down jacket fashionable and fashionable.

According to the reporter's visit, the down jacket has a wonderful evolution in style. The blending of different materials, wool, feather and fur has made it more urban.

Slim Edition

Lightweight practical wind sheet product Create a few fluffy lines of smooth shape. Moncler's simple black design features an asymmetrical zipper and a simple neckline design.

  Super large profile

In the coat type, the super large shape becomes a large thermal profile, from the previous popular season to the new simplicity. The details of quilting appear on the large profile, and the appearance of its deep expansion makes a heavy eye catching style.

Asymmetric zipper

The asymmetrical zipper, which appears on the rock jacket of rock cars, is built on the down jacket and becomes the design characteristic of the alternative design, which is applied to the edge of the neckline. The zipper details are displayed on straight diagonal and continuous curves, while the double sided zippers are featured.

Combination splicing

The combination stitching continues the trend of color splicing. Its mismatched fabrics, colors and patterns are used to create a three-dimensional sense of appearance. The fabric structure of medium width is made up of important stitching parts, which brings warmth.

Colour leather

The colorful leather and artificial leather appeared in the autumn and winter of 2014, and the military uniform elements on the edge of pockets, collar edges and armbands were standing out. Long sleeved fixed-point and quilted details are presented on the down jacket of the tide flu.

Luxurious fur

Luxurious fur is combined with practical wind coat to create a sharp contrast effect. The classic mink fur, rabbit hair, fox hair and artificial wool combine a large number of functional fabrics. The highlights of artificial hair were built on the Erno down jacket, and appeared on the stitched parts of the down jacket. Sacai brand designed the length of the drawing jacket, the plain mink fur border becomes another interesting detail.

Stamp control

As the most important novelty of down jacket, printing is essential for this season. element 。 Camouflage, animal texture, plant and geometric printing become popular elements with varied appearance.

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