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Coping With Job Burnout Requires An Empty Cup Mentality.

2015/6/12 15:43:00 40

WorkplaceBurnoutEmpty Cup Mentality

When working for more than two years, we often have such a state: tired of the workplace environment, lack of enthusiasm and enthusiasm for work, often because of the heavy workload and feel tired, looking forward to a long vacation......

According to the survey, about 76% of the respondents had varying degrees of burnout.

The emergence of burnout mainly stems from the lack of workplace.

Crisis consciousness

Therefore, it is suggested that we should first maintain an empty cup mentality so as to keep learning.

Workplace man

You can "empty" and fill again every two years, just like a computer. Only by periodically clearing the cache and releasing memory space can you improve the speed of computer operation.

So, how to maintain an empty cup mentality? According to this, human resources consultants can consider from the following five aspects.

First, keep

Business social interaction

Habit, whether in life or in the Internet, these professional social behaviors will enable you to always understand your location and value in your field, so that you can have an objective and accurate assessment of yourself.

Second, clean up your bookshelves every year, keep books instead of reading only books.

Because with career development, your needs will change, and your reading is to meet your needs.

Third, keep the resume updated every year.

The resume is not just about where you work and what you are doing, but more importantly, the summary of the performance of the year. This will save you a lot of time when you are looking for a new job.

Fourth, if you are a manager, you must always maintain a sense of crisis and alertness, because if you are only assigning tasks, you will soon face the elimination of the workplace.

Therefore, apart from management, you should also spend time studying your profession and extending its depth and breadth.

Fifth, perhaps we can try to cross the border and observe and think with new methods and perspectives.

Some people stay in a certain position for a long time, so it is easy to form a mindset and become extreme.

Therefore, it is not necessarily a bad thing to keep an initial mind of learning and try out some new fields.

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