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Next Year, CHIC Spring, The World'S Original Shoe Leather Exhibition Comes Into Being.

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From October 13th to 15th, CHIC China International


The 2015 autumn exhibition will be held at Shanghai National Exhibition Center.

In the event of great concern to the fashion industry, China Fashion Group Kai Shi international joint CHIC co founded 2016CHIC GOFL global original.

footwear industry

The leather exhibition has sounded the horn of assembly, announces its brilliant voyage under the witness of the industry.

In March next year, the innovative CHIC exhibition will be held on the stage of the CHIC exhibition. With the concept of "integration, symbiosis, CO creation and win-win", the GOFL will create a new prospect for the original industry of leather shoes in China.

    International apparel

2016CHIC GOFL spring global original shoe leather exhibition comes into being

In the new era of rapid development of the Internet and increasing demand for consumers' lives, CHIC organizers and Kay Shi international have long been aware of the changes in the environment and have developed new ideas with the concept of "integration, symbiosis, CO creation and win-win".

Nowadays, the shoe bag exhibition area has already become the existence that can not be ignored in the CHIC exhibition. The GOFL exhibition is the inevitable strategy for the development of clothing shoe bag integration to the summit.

As a CHIC exhibition, the GOFL global original shoe leather exhibition will be jointly organized by China original fashion brand alliance and China Fashion Group Kai Shi international. It is China's first effective exchange platform for expanding sales channels and integrating brand marketing experience with shoe and leather enterprises at home and abroad with the help of rich apparel industry resources.

CHIC is aggregated.


The rich resources of the industrial chain, while China Fashion Group has a strong appeal and influence, has been committed to promoting the development of fashion brands, and has opened up the "Zhong Shi Mo" mall channel that combines online and offline. Therefore, the GOFL exhibition between the two teams is worth looking forward to.

Nearly 100 thousand fashion distribution franchisees, large business super buyers, multi brand store buyers, and other professional sellers from different channels, more than 20 different countries and regions dress brands gathered in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center, and the GOFL exhibition is among them, driving the original shoe bag brand together to describe a blueprint for expanding channels, cross-border integration with clothing, creating a prosperous road and achieving win-win situation.

On October 14th, "2016CHIC GOFL spring global leather shoes exhibition exhibition and China's original shoe industry brand innovation and Development Forum", CHIC general manager Zhou Yiqi highly affirmed the strategic plan of GOFL exhibition. He said: "GOFL came into being, this is a strategy with the meaning of the times."


The new mileage for the development of the footwear industry

The idea of "integration" promoted by GOFL has been unanimously approved by the footwear industry.

On the 14 day of the forum, Liu Suilong, vice president of China Leather Association and President of Guangdong footwear manufacturer, said: "the concept of" full fashion "needs to be valued and promoted.

"All fashion" means that all the fashion categories in the industry need to be cross border and integrated to achieve win-win results.

The upgrading and pformation of footwear industry is inseparable from this trend.

Li Jianxiang, chairman of the footwear industry association of Baiyun District, Guangzhou, is also concerned about the integration and sharing of resources between brands and brands. It is considered that the only way to achieve sustainable development in the fierce competition is the original shoe bag brand.

With the help of diversified channel platforms, integration of multi-party resources, the combination of GOFL and clothing brands is a good innovation.

Chen Xiaoming, chairman of Shenzhen footwear industry association, has more directly expressed her praise for the development of original clothing and shoes. "Young brand of original shoes, lack of distribution channels, stand firmly in the market and develop resources with the help of clothing brand channels. On the other hand, clothing brands also add brand highlights to attract more consumers by bringing together the same style of original women's shoes brand, which is definitely a win-win development mode."

During the autumn exhibition in CHIC2015, in order to publicize the idea of "integration, symbiosis, CO creation and win-win", three wonderful fusion shows staged.

Among them is the GOFL fashion show. The team of designers of China Fashion Group uses the innovative fabric provided by the Jay group to design a set of hundred times textured variety, and matches the original shoe bag of Wenzhou Bobo international trading company and Tianyi Shoes Co., Ltd.

In addition, two big shows were created by the integration of the European original clothing brand and the Chinese original shoe bag brand. LiuCandy, TopBeauty, Assoiffee, FWOLVESS French shoes, Banu slave, Alan Dusa and other original brand shoes all appeared.

The three big show has attracted great attention. It not only provides a successful water trial experience for the fusion of clothing shoes, but also foresees that 2016CHIC GOFL will be more successful and attracting attention.

JJ GOFL global fashion show

The three show of clothing and footwear integration has attracted wide attention. It is foreseeable that 2016CHIC GOFL will be more successful and attracting attention.

On March 2016 16-18, the 2016CHIC GOFL global exhibition of original footwear leather products increased to 20000 square meters, with fashionable leather area, fashionable women's shoes area, fashionable men's shoes area, childlike innocence area, original personal designer brand area, international light luxury brand area, brand fashion trend release and professional forum, providing online and offline sales channel docking service and so on.

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