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Suning And Jingdong Are Competing To Open Up Logistics Platforms, "Double Eleven".

2015/11/4 16:39:00 23

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Reporters learned that Suning Yun is also planning to introduce platform logistics in areas where distribution capacity is more abundant, providing warehousing, logistics and supply chain financial services for more platform providers.

Suning, Jingdong and other self built logistics in Chengdu, including hundreds of cities can achieve the day and the next day.

The industry believes that for the e-commerce platform, the open logistics system provides warehousing, pportation, distribution and management services not only to share their own

Warehousing logistics

The cost can also make their warehousing more substantial and more efficient distribution.

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The introduction of this year's "double eleven", Suning logistics has more than 10000 vehicles have been ready to go, more than 20 thousand Suning logistics staff have been ready, it is expected that this year, "double eleven" Suning bulk logistics peak operation volume will reach 300 thousand, small logistics peak work volume will exceed 818 two times, exceeding normal 10 times.

According to the "2015 electricity supplier logistics report" recently released by the North Institute of Commerce, the distribution of the same city has become an advantage project for the self built logistics of e-commerce providers, Suning, Jingdong and so on.

Electric business enterprise

In the hundreds of major cities, they can reach the highest level at that time and provide three services per day, such as quick and personalized services. The self built logistics system has divided the whole country into several large areas, avoiding the long-range "rush" in the whole country and further enlarging the advantages of distribution.

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Electricity supplier carnival is the "disaster" of the express industry. Tong Wenhong, President of Alibaba's big data logistics platform rookie network, believes that in the face of such a huge logistics system, we must enhance efficiency through big data.

It is understood that based on the upgrading of logistics early warning radar, rookie network launched the upgraded version of the big data platform "rookie heaven and earth" this year.

From the time forecast, it has jumped to dynamic real-time forecasting, covering more than 50% of China's express parcels.

Tong Wenhong said that during the "double 11" period, the daily packet delivery rate can be predicted in real time, and the prediction accuracy can reach more than 90%.

"Transfer links make full use of big data means to simulate the key areas and volume of the sending and receiving parts, calculate the investment level ahead of schedule, and vigorously apply the straight hair mode to reduce the pfer link.

In addition, we will invest 2 new freighters to expand the capacity of air pport.

Anhui Shun Feng express company official said.

Rhyme Express has launched the "rural express service", "warehousing and distribution integration service", "cross border logistics service" and "electronic face single service" based on improving the express age.

At the same time, rhyme pays more attention to the delivery of rural express this year. The data show that rhyme has set up more than 2000 outlets nationwide, covering more than 99% of the township's coverage.

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