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Anta To Join Dupont To Build China'S Champion Dragon Suit

2016/8/3 11:23:00 105

Champion Dragon SuitSports BrandAnta

DuPont Sorona renewable resources fiber is a new generation of technology.

Champion dragon suit

"The key raw material.

Recently, DuPont announced its industrial biotechnology and China.

Sports brand


In cooperation with DuPont Sorona Sorona, we are trying to create the Chinese Olympic delegation's award dress.

Sorona combines the idea of innovation and sustainability. The fiber produced is soft and durable. It has comfortable elasticity and perfect recovery performance. Sorona will be the key raw material for the 2016 Brazil Olympic Games Chinese Olympic delegation "champion dragon clothing".

 Anta join hands with DuPont to build the dragon's suit for China's health and environmental protection delegation.

DuPont SORONA helps Anta build the Chinese delegation's Olympic award dress.

Anta has been a partner of the Chinese Olympic Committee since 2009. It has joined hands with the Chinese sports delegation to compete for more than 30 international competitions such as the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games and the 2012 London Olympic Games. It has provided a complete set of award winning equipment, demonstrated the spirit and demeanour of Chinese Sports to the whole world, and together with the Olympic athletes of China, created a brilliant chapter of China's Olympic Games.

The material of Olympic award dress comes from DuPont's renewable energy polyester environmental protection material: SORONA fiber, which is made from plants and pformed by biotechnology.

We hope to integrate the concept of health, environmental protection and public welfare into the prize winning equipment, so that the champion dragon clothing will be more meaningful.

Zheng Jie, President of Anta brand, said.

Anta is committed to exploring the application of science and innovation to develop high-performance and comfortable sportswear.

Anta and DuPont are strong links between the two companies for the common values of innovation and sustainable development.

This is why DuPont SORONA is chosen as the raw material of Anta's clothing four years ago.

"Environmental protection is not just a concept. Brand operators can bring real value to consumers by adopting sustainable development materials."

Dennis Tsai, DuPont Sorona Sorona Asia Pacific Business Director said.

"SORONA can bring unique performance innovation to downstream fabric factories and brands to cater for market demand."

DuPont Co has rich experience in the textile industry.

As an industry leader, DuPont invented nylon, Lycra, Kevlar, and developed artificial silk (the world's first man-made fiber).

Now, in addition to Sorona's fiber, DuPont's bio based materials team has focused innovation on high-performance, sustainable products that consumers need everyday.

"Textile Innovation starts with materials" has become a consensus among many downstream brands including Anta.

Sorona Anta has been developing a series of sportswear containing SORONA fiber and has been successfully sold in the market after years of communication and cooperation with the company.

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