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"The 2 Winds Of Langya, Chang Lin" Starts In November. Story Personage Big Change Blood Woman Tang Yannan Chen Kun?

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Recently, he was informed that the "2 winds of Langya Chang Lin", which is expected to be launched in November, is still the story of Tai Liang Chao Tang.

New actors are being selected.

Sequel, will you catch up?

"Langya list 2" is named "the wind of Langya list". The story still tells the story of Tai Liang Chao Tang, but the characters will experience great changes.

It is reported that the female Tang Yannan, the main Chen Kun...

The reaction of netizens is: "no one is expected to see nobody."

Jin Dong

Although Lao Tan is "soy sauce", "only looking forward to the original team, not looking at others," "not the original person," it is estimated that it is looking at the first red and wants to rub the eighteen line of heat or the relationship between the family and the hidden rules.

Not optimistic.

It's not going to catch up with Hu Ge. "Every time you see P's list, you can't keep up with the plot." Hu Ge's Langya list has become a classic. "I'm ready to take the top 2 in Langya." I'm ready to take the top of the list in Langya: "lying trough is so exciting!" she saw the big change of the characters: the sleeping trough, the trough and the trough. "Or the actor is expected to be a good actor, no need for a great fame", "no Hu Ge, no one", "strong demand for the original squad, Lin Shu, Mei Chang Su to resurrect" "no!"

Hu Ge

Three stone brother! Kkw! East brother! "

The Langya list is a big hit in the second half of last year, and since the film announced that it will have the Langya list 2, the news about the sequel to the Langya list has attracted much attention.

A few days ago, the number of public accounts of sun pictures exposed the news of the "Langya list 2". According to the group report, the sequel of the Langya list was named "Chang Lin" in the list of 2 winds in Langya. It was still written by Haiyan as a screenwriter, and directed by Kong Sheng Li Xue.

But from the point of view, the story and characters of the sequel to the Langya list will undergo great changes. It will be divided into two parts and 15 episodes. It tells two different stories. The upper time span is 1-2 years. The main characters are 28 year old male Xiao Pingzhang, 20 year old male two Xiao Ping Jing, 25 year old woman Meng Meng snow, 22 year old female two Lin Xi.

The lower part of the time span is 3-4 years, and the characters are 25 year old Xiao Ping Jing.

From the point of view of the introduction, "Langya list 2" tells the story of the imperial court, but the main characters are almost new, and the story may be quite different from the Langya list.

In this group, several of the main characters in the play are recruited by actors from major brokerage firms. It seems that "Langya list 2"


Big changes will also be made.

In the process of media interviews, producer Hou Hongliang also revealed before: "Langya list 2" does not want to deliberately take the original class or look at the appropriate role.

In view of this, the Langya squad, which has received much attention from the audience, is afraid that it will be difficult for the original squad to play the sequel.

Who do you expect from the main characters of the new play?

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