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Jingdong Officially Launched The Mobile Terminal Jingdong Fitting Room.

2016/8/3 11:45:00 41


Following Ali Buy+ Shopping in virtual scenes JD.COM It also launched the "fitting room" function. A few days ago, Jingdong formally launched the mobile phone end of the Jingdong fitting room. Users can enter the fitting room at the designated store, pick the clothes they like, and let the model try on and show the effect.

According to Jingdong, the Jingdong fitting room is a virtual fitting system based on artificial intelligence and simulation technology. It has already had iPad version. At present, the Jingdong fitting room supports a lot. clothing Cross shop multi level arbitrary collocation, merchants can also make collocation drawings in the background.

The reporter understands, after the user enters the shop that opens the fitting room function, can see the focal point diagram of "Jingdong fitting room" on the front page of the shop, after entering, may choose different clothing "to try on", equal to the function of shopping basket. After the selection is finished, you can enter the fitting room for trial fitting.

In addition, users can switch between male models and female models in the same dressing room, and can purchase directly without returning details page of merchandise.

It is understood that at present, not all shops have opened the function of fitting rooms, only the brand stores such as Ou Shi Li, Mark Ed Faye, Ying Jun Lun, Jin Ba men's clothing and seven wolves have opened this function.

 Jingdong fitting room

Jingdong also introduced that the business of the fitting room function was opened up, and the photos of the flat products could be stereoscopic in the management background and added to the fitting room. And adjust the size of clothing, such as clothing length and sleeve length, and adjust the details, such as collar height, back collar radian and so on.

In addition, businesses can customize their clothing properties to different levels of clothing, such as a jacket is defined as "women's clothing - Top second." Through the internal and external collocation test, the display effect is more three-dimensional.

But some users mentioned that after all, Jingdong's fitting rooms are still models. Models are naturally good, and everything is suitable for wearing.

In this regard, Jingdong said that the Jingdong fitting room already has the custom head made by the user self timer, and according to the user's height, weight, waist circumference and other parameters, the model personalization matches, and more details parameters can be customized to adjust, including shoulder width, chest circumference and other parameters.

Besides, users can adjust background and adjust posture. Once users create their own personalized models, they can be saved as files. In future product recommendation pages, Jingdong will automatically recommend clothing that matches the buyers' physical characteristics.

"The original user habits of shopping is to go to the physical store shopping, with the development of the Internet, it has become everywhere, convenient for users, saving time. We will make use of VR, AR and other virtual ways to give users the feeling of online shopping, and friends can also interact with each other to make online shopping experience beyond the line, which is also our direction of efforts." Weng Zhi, chief technology adviser of Jingdong group, said.

Jingdong said it will launch its own VR products in September.

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