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The Nanjing Museum Exhibits More Than 130 Central African Masks And Costumes.

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The shells of thousands of slaves were made into the mask of the queen of African tribes, the mask of the male ancestors of Africa, and the mask of the workers of the Qing Dynasty. Yesterday, more than 130 Central African masks and Clothes & Accessories The exhibition is on display at the Nanjing Museum.

The exhibition hall is characterized by exaggerated masks and personalized costumes. clothing The hat and waist were full of shells and beads. Many years ago, they were dressed by the queen of the golden tribe of Congo. The shells came from the island of India ocean, and a shell was exchanged with a slave. Mark Felix, the curator, said that the dress should be exchanged at least with thousands of slaves. In Africa, masks are daily necessities, such as praying for rain, marriage and funeral. A mask full of white dots has been used to drive smallpox virus. People wear such a mask to run in the village, hoping to get rid of the smallpox virus with the help of ancestral spirits. One of the exhibits is a Chinese mask with yellow skin and a moustache under the nose. The prototype of the mask is the leader of a Chinese railway worker. In the late Qing Dynasty, many Chinese workers arrived. Africa In order to express their respect for the railway, the local people made the mask.

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