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Hong Zhaoshe: How Will Qipai Seize The Market Of Intelligent Products?

2016/8/3 11:49:00 49

Children'S ShoesSmart Running ShoesSeven Cards

In the global wave of wearable devices, intelligence

Children's shoes


Smart running shoes

Smart mattress gradually enters the public view.

Smart clothing as a breakthrough point, has been relatively rare.

When clothing and sensors and the Internet collide together, what kind of chemical reactions will happen?

Seven cards

How will we seize the market of intelligent products? With a series of questions, the reporter interviewed Hong Zhaoshe, chairman of Qipai group.


Reporter: in your opinion, what is the opportunity for seven cards to enter smart clothing? What is the significance of smart clothing for the overall strategic pformation of the garment industry?

Hong Zhaoshe: in recent years, the development of intelligent technology is obvious to all. This is the tide of the development of the times, and no one or any enterprise can do anything about it.

Everything is connected, connecting everything. This is the future world that we can see now.

In the face of such a tide, we must not forget the seven cards. On the contrary, we must take the initiative and take the lead.

So this time, we first set foot in the domestic men's wear industry and launched smart clothing.

Smart clothing not only widens the function of clothing, but also provides intelligent products with better carrying capacity.

We are very optimistic about the development of smart clothing.


Now many enterprises are talking about strategic pformation, if blind strategic pformation will only make enterprises die faster.

Therefore, seven cards need to go along and innovate.

On the one hand, we stabilize the basic market; on the other hand, we must be decisive in seeing trends, innovating products and experiences.

Reporter: when did Qipai start to develop smart clothing?

Hong Zhaoshe: Qipai began to pay attention to the development of smart clothing a few years ago, but we did not blindly launch this smart clothing project.

The first step is a hero. If we lead too much, we may have to pay huge costs, but the market is not yet mature.

Since last year, we believe that the smart clothing market is beginning to mature.

According to our research, people are beginning to accept and expect smart smart clothes to come out.

This is the background of our smart clothes.



Reporter: after seven cards launched the creative smart clothing crowd raising, can we talk about the original intention of launching this activity?

Hung Zhao set: in May 16th, Qipai launched a creative crowd raising for future clothing.

We have attracted more than a million people's attention in this activity. We have also selected 143 creative proposals from it, covering intelligent pformation, temperature regulation, health monitoring, anti dropping positioning, automatic cleaning and so on.

Although many of the proposals are very ambitious, many of them may not be realized in the near future.

But we are pleased to learn about your interests and needs, and even give us solutions. These are conducive to the long-term development of Qipai smart clothing.

Recently, we have always understood consumers and maximally met consumers. This is our original intention.

Reporter: in addition to the crowd raising ideas, the cooperation between Qipai and the electricity giant has also been particularly eye-catching. What is the purpose of this intelligent fashion to join Juhuasuan?

Hong Zhaoshe: Qipai intelligent fashion cooperated with Juhuasuan. The two sides jointly launched the seven card smart fashion jacket in advance at zero o'clock in July 27th.

Qipai intelligent fashion has taken the initiative to embrace the Internet from the day of its birth. It has opened up traditional channels and e-commerce channels through all channels and O2O thinking. It has taken the two lengths to realize the balanced development between online and offline, meeting the needs of different consumer groups, and enabling consumers to enjoy unlimited boundaries at anytime and anywhere.

We also hope that with the help of the channel of the electronic business platform, we can make the communication more three-dimensional while allowing the resources of both sides to be integrated.

Reporter: next, what position will smart clothing occupy in Qipai? What is the strategic layout of Qipai about smart clothing?

Hong Zhaoshe: technology is changing everyone's life. With the development of data and intelligence and its wide application in life, the direction of future development of smart clothing leadership is inevitable.

Therefore, as the leading brand of Chinese fashion men's clothing, Qipai must seize the initiative and take the initiative and make innovations in this new field with innovative thinking, innovative design and innovation mode.

The expansion of smart clothing can not be overnight. We must have courage to be courageous and prepare for a protracted war.

The release of Qipai smart fashion jacket is another new start of Qipai after a series of product innovations. Qipai will continue to enrich the smart fashion series, and make the smart fashion products bigger and stronger.

Qipai smart fashion is not only the innovation of clothing, but also hopes to bring new intelligent fashion experience for consumers through the change of the whole fashion industry chain.

Based on smart fashion, we will seamlessly link multi-functional clothing, intelligent modules and intelligent APP to create Trinity business travel ecosystem.

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