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Efficiency: Both Financial And Time Free.

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Financial freedom is not difficult to understand. We only have to earn some money to live the life we want, not because of lack of money and the important choice of life.

But in the process of pursuing financial freedom, many people fall into two kinds of misunderstandings. One is to pursue money rather than life as the goal, which leads to the loss of life direction; two, despite the determination of the goal of financial freedom, it falls into a busy and busy work and evolves to exchange money with time and life, in fact, it is also not free.

In a sense, the financial freedom out of time is hard to achieve in itself.

Matt Morris realizes financial freedom at the same time.


Freedom is further read: at the same time, at any time in the year, you can leave a long holiday for yourself at any time of the year; you can get rid of the nine to five office life; even if you stop working completely, you can have the surplus income, make sure you have a continuous cash income; you can choose your own place freely; have a lot of time to accompany your family; don't spend the most precious time on traffic commuters.

Matt Morris is not just fooling the reader with empty words. He has already achieved the work and lifestyle he advocated, and has gained financial freedom and time freedom.

Matt Morris is neither George W. Bush's official two generation nor Warren Buffett and Bill Gate's "rich two generation". In fact, he has had a very gloomy life experience and career history: 20 years old, dropping out of University and doing business for a full year, suffered an unprecedented failure. Despite finding a sales job to earn a living, he has been trapped in a state of unsettled and displaced life. He can only spend the night in a self driving car, and bathe in the gas station toilet, church parking lot.

It took Matt Morris nearly 8 years to make himself a millionaire.

Please note that the amount of wealth in the United States is not surprising, and in the past 8 years, in order to learn how to do business, he directly spent more than 100 thousand US dollars in learning costs, and indirect business tuition is even more amazing.

It can be said that Matt Morris is not a business genius who is usually recognized through the media and bestseller of finance. He is just an ordinary person with intelligence and intelligence.

The first is to enable people to establish their own dreams.


Positive psychology does not mean self deception or self deception, but psychological science confirms that self strengthening of certain goals and dreams helps people to succeed; conversely, if people tend to be pessimistic in their own cognition, they will, to a large extent, "achieve what they want to achieve" (get pessimistic results).

Matt Morris believes that no matter what is the lack of self-confidence, inferiority, despair, interpersonal relationships and other questions that have ever been wanted to improve or overcome, we must only recognize and face these problems and form the motivation to improve or overcome them, and actively create beliefs, so as to lay a good foundation.

The second step is to establish concrete.


And formulate a practical plan of action.

Action plan means action management. If you want to achieve good results, you need to examine yourself in a timely manner. You want to see yourself in the movies, so that you can make your goals more realistic and allow you enough room for your life.

The third step is to truly live in our own way and become a free millionaire with financial freedom and freedom of time. It is necessary to start our own business.

Entrepreneurship and its choices need to answer these questions: what are most interested in, what they know, what they really are good at, what they are experienced in, what they like to talk about, and then set out the business field of entrepreneurship.

Next, determine the way you compete in selected industries.

Matt Morris believes that a more active way of competition is to build a "rich mentality" and recognize the simple fact that competitors exist, recognizing that the presence of competitors helps to expand the industry market, and can learn from competitors, and propose an upgraded version of the unique sales proposition.

The fourth step is to manage and expand our business efficiently.

This involves defining and dividing work contents, recruiting employees or outsourcing according to different positions and tasks, and introducing the management systems and methods needed for these two choices respectively.

On this basis, the outsourcing of marketing is carried out through joint cooperation, and five strategies are implemented to help win the competition: providing competitive prices; strengthening the emotional connection with customers through diversified moral and preferential ways such as free gifts and free services; improving the level of personalized service; ensuring the quality and safety provisions are realized; and improving customer trust by means of experts, industries, consumers, and Internet word of mouth.

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