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It'S Not Easy To Get A Raise, Just Think About How To Achieve It.

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In the forum, there are always some topics about the salary of financial personnel.

But it is strange that in these discussions, it is also a small accounting for two or three years. Some people can enter 10K or even get higher salary, and some people earn only 4K or 5K monthly.

Excluding the regional differences, the salary level of the small accounting is quite different.

After careful investigation, it is found that this phenomenon is mainly caused by industry differences.

If your industry has good returns and good prospects for development, incomes will naturally rise.

But those financiers in the sunset industry are not as lucky as they are.

The river is full of water and the river is full.

No river, no river. "

Therefore, if the whole industry is not very prosperous, the hope of raising wages will be very slim.

Financial people should not only follow

Superior leader

To do some year-end data summary, we need to adjust accounts, corporate income tax clearance and so on.

Even if I can't get promoted, I hope my salary can be raised to another level.

But getting a raise is not easy. Just think about how it can be achieved. And the salary increase is not what you want to add. First, you have to see if you can meet the requirements of the salary increase.

In addition, it depends on the type of enterprise you are in. If you are a relatively large company, such as some foreign-funded enterprises or state-owned enterprises, you will have some salary and salary increase.

On the contrary, it is not so easy for small businesses with smaller rules and regulations to raise their salaries.

Experts say, generally speaking, the salary of a financial person is what you create for your company.


It's proportional.

If you make use of your professional knowledge to save expenses for the enterprise, or let the company get tangible profits, your boss will naturally see it.

But creating value requires that you have strong professional strength, which can be classified as two categories: hard power and soft power.

Hard power naturally refers to your strong financial skills and skills.

Can you successfully complete the financial statements, budgeting, internal control and so on? Do you have some high gold certificates CPA, USCPA, CMA, so as to continuously improve business?

Experts point out that as far as soft power is concerned, in addition to requiring you to cooperate with other departments and help each other, you are also required to have a sense of ownership and corporate culture, and to look at problems in the daily business as the owner's identity and perspective, naturally you will think about how to create maximum profits for enterprises and how to maximize them.

Cost saving


The last item is also very important.

Some people may find that the two conditions above satisfy me. However, the salary increase is not related to me. Why is that? If all the above conditions are satisfied, but if you do not get a raise, you will have to ask the boss for a raise.

But reckless behavior will not only leave you a bad impression, but it may also leave a bad impression on the boss.

Therefore, when you ask for a raise, you should master some skills.

For example, we should try our best to make the data of our own work strong or weak, and data is the basis of supporting facts.

Let the boss see you are doing a lot of things, and indeed create profits for the enterprise.

When raising salary, you must be sincere and not threaten. If you don't give a raise, you will have to leave. Maybe it will backfire.

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