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Shiatzy Chen Chinese Wind Lace Combined With Sports

2018/12/28 12:07:00 387

Shiatzy ChenXia Zi ChenSpring And Summer Fashion

In the season, Xia Zi Chen (Shiatzy Chen) presented the Chinese style to us in a completely new way, which made us feel the Chinese style of the new era.

A lot of chiffon fabric is used in the show, which is soft and comfortable, and has the elegant demeanour of Chinese classical women.

The design of lace hollowing is combined with sports wind, which is more younger and diversified.

A lady's lace skirt has a different visual experience in combination with a tough outfit.

This show is centered around Chinese style, so there will be a large number of Chinese elements in it, such as some traditional Chinese wind patterns: Xiangyun, dragon and Phoenix and lion pattern, and so on.

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