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Hohhot Customs Issue New Certificate Of Origin Of China Chile FTA

2019/3/21 2:32:00 4098

HohhotCustomsNew Edition Of China Chile Free Trade AgreementCertificate



Hohhot customs reported 18 days ago that the Customs was subordinate to the customs. Baotou Customs issued a new certificate of origin of the China Chile FTA.

According to official sources, the value of the ferrosilicon exported from the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Baotou Omar Metal Alloy Co., Ltd. is nearly US $192 thousand. According to the tariff reduction standard of the upgraded Chile Chile FTA, it will enjoy zero tariff treatment and help enterprises reduce tariffs by 11 thousand and 500 US dollars, with a reduction of 6%.

China Chile FTA is the first FTA signed by China and Latin American countries, which was formally implemented in October 2006.

Since March 1, 2019, the agreement has been upgraded. Both sides have promised to increase 54 products, such as household appliances, textiles and garments, on the basis of the original 97% or more products. The tax rate will be reduced from zero to zero in the original 6%, and the proportion of total zero tariff products will reach 98%.

Certificate of origin, as a written proof of goods origin or place of manufacture, has increasingly become a magic bullet for exporters to save money and is also one of the "made in China" overseas tools.

On the 18 th, the Hohhot customs also revealed that from January 2019 to February, 1577 certificates of origin were issued, and the visa amount was $214 million. Among them, 871 copies of the certificate of origin were issued along the "one belt and one road", and the visa amount was 134 million dollars.



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