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Nike Talks With Liverpool On Equipment Sponsorship. The Contract Is Over $98 Million A Year.

2019/4/16 21:03:00 11188


According to ESPN, Liverpool, the Premier League, is negotiating with Nike on equipment sponsorship, and the average annual contract price awarded by Nike is higher than that between Manchester United and Adidas.

According to the previous announcement, the annual average price of the sponsorship contract between Manchester United and Adidas was US $98 million.

Prior to negotiations with Nike, Liverpool also had contact with Puma and Adidas.

But at present, there is only Nike in depth negotiations with Liverpool.

If Liverpool finally successfully signed the sponsorship contract, it will set a new high in the average annual price of the equipment sponsorship contract of the Premier League.

Globally, the contract is second only to Barcelona's $175 million contract with Nike.

Liverpool's current equipment sponsor is New Balance, whose average annual contract price is $58 million.

The contract will expire in the 2019-2020 season.

It is worth mentioning that, according to the contract, even if other brands offer a price to Liverpool, there is no matching right.

Liverpool still top the Premier League in the five games remaining in the league.

In the Champions League, Liverpool had just won the 1/4 finals by beating Oporto at 2-0.

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