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The Italy Government Has Introduced A Number Of New Laws To Protect Italy'S Local Brands And Italy'S Manufacturing.

2019/4/29 21:00:00 11265

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The Italy government has introduced a series of regulations to protect Italy's local brands and Italy's manufacturing.

Italy Ministry of Economic Development (Ministry of economic development) has launched Historical Brand of National Interest trademark to protect "national historical trademarks with high land value and related production and jobs".

The trademark covers a brand and company that has a history of over 50 years and has excellent performance in its specific production history.

In addition, companies within the scope of Historical Brand of National Interest, if they plan to build production facilities in overseas areas or close existing production facilities, must ensure that the same brand of the original manufacturing city is the main production site, otherwise they will lose the right to use the brand.

Overseas investors can build production facilities in other countries after acquiring the Italy brand, but they must ensure that Italy's local production will not decrease.

The government of Italy will invest 30 million euros in this area to ensure the implementation of these measures.

In order to ensure that the products made in Italy are actually produced in Italy, the Italy government has also launched the "Made in Italy" label.

According to the content of the regulation, the label is designed to better protect the authenticity of the product origin and fight against fake and shoddy products outside the European market.

According to the report of Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, the total value of counterfeit and pirated Italy manufactured products sold in the world in 2016 amounted to 32 billion euros, equivalent to 3.6% of the total global sales of goods produced in Italy.

According to EU regulations, the label will only be used outside the European market.

Italy brand can apply spontaneously to add the label to the product.

These laws protecting local brands in Italy and Italy were first introduced in February of this year. The draft was submitted to the government for examination in early April this year.

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