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China's Textile And Garment Industry Is Upgrading To "Technology, Fashion And Green".

2019/7/8 9:39:00 6

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China News Agency, Beijing, July, 5 (reporter Yan Xiaohong) Sun Ruizhe, chairman of China Textile Industry Federation 5, pointed out that the new positioning of the industry is the prerequisite for the development of high quality, and the Chinese textile and garment industry is transforming and upgrading to the "innovation driven technology industry, culture led fashion industry and responsibility oriented green industry".

On the 5 day of the 2019 China Textile Innovation Annual Design Summit, Sun Ruizhe said that around the new orientation of "technology, fashion and green" industry, the "fashion" inner mold is the symbol of soft power of industrial development, and it is an important strategy to enhance the confidence of industrial culture. In recent years, the rise of the local original design power and the acceleration of regional fashion ecology show the new iteration and upgrading of China's textile and garment industry.

Sun Ruizhe revealed that in 2018, China's textile and clothing exports reached 276 billion 730 million US dollars and accounted for more than 35% of the world's total. In 2018, the global luxury consumer market was 260 billion euros, and China accounted for more than 18% of the world's total consumption. "Made in China" is changing to "Chinese fashion", and the opportunity to march towards the world's design power is maturing, but it is still challenging. China's textile and garment industry has ushered in a real sense of "strategic opportunities".

But Sun Ruizhe also pointed out that the road of Chinese fashion from "edge" to "center", from "nation" to "world" is undoubtedly long and tortuous. Based on this reality, we need to discard homogenization and build value identification, which is the core of China's textile and garment industry to the future fashion.

Sun Ruizhe introduced that as a new type of "productivity", the predominant influence of intelligent design will continue to be highlighted. The arrival of a new wave of technological innovation represented by information technology, intelligent manufacturing, new energy and new materials, 3D printing and smart sensors will bring unprecedented historical opportunities to the upgrading of traditional industries. At the same time, it has opened an unprecedented era of integration of technological innovation. The scientific and technological attributes of China's textile and garment industry will become the most distinctive area of the transformation and upgrading of industries under the accelerated driving of direct demand for consumer demand terminals. (end)



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