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The Days Of Nanhua Textile Are Not Good, And The Steady Sales Of Enterprises Are Facing Certain Challenges.

2019/8/14 18:10:00 0

Nanhua Textile Finishing Plant "Upstream"

The Nanhua textile finishing plant located in Ping Wang town (hereinafter referred to as "Nanhua textile") has been exported to Japan, Malaysia and Turkey since its establishment. Since April this year, influenced by the complicated and changeable international environment, Nanhua textile has not had a good time, and the steady sales of enterprises face certain challenges.

"In the past, 80% of our products were exported and 20% sold domestically. Since April, the proportion of exports and domestic sales is almost equal. Bao Huirong, chairman of Nanhua textile finishing plant, said that in the face of a downturn in export, the company actively adjusts its development strategy, innovating cohesiveness, developing differentiated and composite special fibers, and maintaining good results.

Elastic fabric plus finishing film is a new fabric developed by Nanhua textile in the second half of last year. It has many functions, such as UV protection, flame retardancy and bacteria control. Since its launch this year, it has been well received by domestic customers.

Bao Huirong said, in the company's 80% domestic products, mainly elastic fabric is singing the "leading role". "The current market, elastic fabric is very popular, basically in short supply, such as UNIQLO, Adidas, Jordan, H&M and other well-known clothing Brand Company, such as Prada and other high-end clothing Brand Company, are our customers." Bao Huirong said that after a series of exploration and summarization, Nanhua textile has built a complete industrial chain from weaving to printing and finishing to trade in recent years, and the products are mainly used for producing high-end fashion and sports apparel.

At the same time, Nanhua textile also pays attention to upgrading and upgrading of equipment, so as to produce high-quality new products in large quantities. This year, the company has invested more than about 50000000 yuan for the introduction of Japan's Tianjin Tian Ju weaving machine, the former Road slurry and equipment, and the corresponding twisting machines, which are expected to be put into use in October.

Bao Huirong introduced that the new equipment will further enhance the added value of the product. "When the equipment is running, the machine will stop automatically when it breaks through the broken yarn. Now the equipment is more sensitive, and it will stop automatically when it meets the wool line. This way, our products will be better guaranteed in quality. In addition, the new equipment also provides the basis for mass production for the new products we have developed. "

Recently, Nanhua textile will build an intelligent Workshop on the agenda. In the intelligent workshop, we will design the track scientifically, use high-definition probes to replace human eyes, inspect the production links, and improve production efficiency and product quality while reducing labor costs. Bao Huirong said that with the arrival of the 5G era, we believe that the intelligent factory will inject new infinite kinetic energy into the development of enterprises.

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