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What Are The High-End Women's Clothing Brands In Shenzhen?

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Shenzhen is known as the fashion capital of China. With the development of Shenzhen's fashion industry in recent years, Shenzhen attracts many young people to develop. When you first enter Shenzhen, you may be influenced by the local fashion atmosphere. You will think more about fashion information, and can't help playing yourself well, but you will pay attention to some high-end women's clothing brands in Shenzhen. What are the high-end women's clothing brands in Shenzhen? Below the women's wear Xiaobian came to check the high-end women's clothing brand in Shenzhen.


Marisfrolg, a famous Asian women's wear brand, has always maintained keen fashion sense and business acumen. It has become an industry leader with the growth rate of not less than 30% per year, ahead of the fashion and excellent market position of the domestic women's clothing industry. It is regarded as one of the most successful women's clothing brands in China. There were more than 300 stores in 2011, with sales of over 2 billion yuan and more than 3000 employees.

The brand is located in the age of 30 to 50, with a certain cultural and social status, elegant taste, fashion and implicit mature women. Brand spirit: elegance, atmosphere, classics, fashion, not only permeate the latest international fashion elements, but also adapt to the Asian women's body characteristics and aesthetic customs. Every season's lines, colors and materials are all tempered, with good intentions. Every season's products are totally natural, giving people new surprises. The greatest magic is to deeply understand the characteristics of mature women's body shape, to erase the traces of time with brilliant lines, and instantly give people the vigor and grace of fashion.


Masfer.SU is a young fashion women's clothing brand belonging to the Mass Phil fashion Limited by Share Ltd in Shenzhen. In the course of its development, it continues to produce a fresh and refreshing style, with bright and colorful colors, interesting stylish designs and creative collocation and details to decorate the modern image of youthful vitality.

Masfer.SU uses the attitude of dress to interpret young women's freedom, independence, bravery, and straightforward attitude towards life, creating exclusive fashion life style for them and inspiring a unique and confident aesthetic feeling in the process of finding themselves. The new variety of materials gives the designer unlimited inspiration. The exquisite edition, exquisite workmanship and unique design make the interesting elements perfectly integrated with modern lines, forming a unique fashion style and quickly gaining the affection of many young women.


As a well-known fashion brand in China, ELLASSAY (Ge Lisi) has always been aiming at building an international line of women's wear brands. The clothing of grace has the shape of silhouette, exquisite detail treatment, soft coloring and special imported fabrics, which will forever deduce the unique and gentle personality of modern urban women.

Since its establishment, the "ELLASSAY" brand has been engaged in the research, development, production and sale of women's clothing. The style is "fashion, elegance", implicit and not publicizing. It also expresses a kind of understanding of life. The company mainly engaged in "ELLASSAY" formal dress, leisure and advanced three major products, according to the product category is divided into coat, skirt, coat, trousers, women shoes and accessories six main categories.


MYMO, which is the perfect blend of western style and Oriental temperament, is specially designed for 22-40 year old fashion city women. A small group without a designer brand is not like a general business brand, lacking in individuality, wandering between commerce and art, like an elegant river coming slowly. MYMO (Lang Dai dress) deconstructs and reconstructs the fashion, with the black, white, gray low-key luxury with colorful and elegant colors, the overall style is steady and lasting, unfashionable, not luxurious, but fresh and meaningful. It perfectly interprets the elegance, calm and self-confidence in the details of urban women's lives.

  M.HITI tin bar

M.HITI tin is the high-end high-end women's clothing brand launched by Lang Dai international after MYMO. It is jointly built by Italy and China design team. M.HITI tin is advocating the wisdom of life, and the minimalism of light luxury makes M.HITI tin has a modern sense of simplicity. No stacking, no complex, only smooth lines and different fabric mechanism to express a rich sense of hierarchy of change, with anti luxury thinking contrasting the overall sense of clothing.

The design team of M.HITI tin has a comprehensive understanding of eastern and Western aesthetics, and is co Authed by China and Italy designers. They all have keen insight, rich life experience and profound artistic accomplishment, integrating art into the design of clothing, giving the minimalist M.HITI exquisite and noble spirit.

M.HITI SN is particularly concerned with the reuse of delicate fabrics to convey the essential aesthetic feeling of design. Considering the various fabric characteristics and structural principles from the design pattern, considering the accessories and tailoring of art aesthetics, we have screened out the fabric technology that fits the creativity of M.HITI Sn works from a global perspective. Through the integration of exquisite fabric and exquisite craft and design sense, the noble and light luxury style is reflected in the details.

See flowers

See, flowers bloom high-end original Oriental Zen style brand. The founder advocated the Confucian idea of "being good and willing to be water". With gratitude, it opened the journey of life for the clothing culture. We strive to inherit oriental culture aesthetics, and create a beautiful yearning for women to return to life and pursue transcendence and freedom.

Women of 30 to 48 years of age, who have certain cultural and social status, and have higher requirements for quality of life, wear clothes that meet the day to attend banquets, holidays, work and other occasions. They are comfortable and graceful and generous.


MIGAINO manno, founded in 1997, inspired by European pop materials, tried dramatic design language, integrated the exquisite workmanship and characteristics of advanced garments into fashion design ideas, and expressed modern aesthetic fashion by originality.

MIGAINO has always been keen to catch the trend of design with a keen sense of fashion, and rooted in the heart, carefully treating every technology, and perfect the feminine delicate, independent and chasing new and fashionable colors, showing their original beauty of confidence, freedom and freedom. Let fashion be as natural as breathing and indulge in every moment of life.

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