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There Are New Ideas For The Return Of Gourd Shoes.

2019/8/20 13:57:00 111

HuiliGourdSports Shoes

Nowadays, young people are very concerned about a lot of tide cards. Especially in the choice of shoes, CONVERSE, Vance and AJ are all very fond of tide cards. Although these brands of shoes are really good in color matching, they are still a little expensive for the student party.

The hourglass shoes are sold in the official flagship store, the official website price: 168 yuan, the shape is like CONVERSE, but it is much cheaper than CONVERSE. Let's take a look at the beauty of shoes. The orange is fresh and nice in summer, and the sole is super soft, and there are two words in the sole of the crystal.

The shoe industry was founded in 1927. It has a history of 90 years ago. The "Hui Li" trademark was first registered in 1935, and was recognized as a famous trademark in Shanghai in 1997. In 1999, it was identified as a well-known trademark in China.

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