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New Brand 997 Shoes New Woodstock 50Th Anniversary Exclusive Color Release

2019/8/20 14:54:00 4

ShoesWoodstockColor Matching

This year is the 50th anniversary of the world's most famous series of rock festival, "Woodstock", to celebrate this moment. New Balance Inspired by the wearing of the last stage performer Jimi Hendrix, a special 997 color matching was created.

As shown in the figure, the perfect combination of shoes, Jimi Hendrix, each single item, the Black Suede of the shoe toe echoes with the color of Hendrix, the blue leather in the middle of the shoe represents its trousers, the gray suede and the blue "N" are the fringed jacket.

The pale purple national totem pays tribute to his guitar straps, while the floral tongue of the US flag is a symbol of the "Woodstock" spirit.

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