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YOSHOP Original Set To Open Soon To Unlock Traditional Fashion Wholesale Market Transformation

2019/8/23 15:12:00 2060

Wholesale Clothing MarketYOSHOPOriginal Collection

Hanzheng Street, which has a long history of 500 years, is located in the core of the Yangtze River's main axis. It embraces the two rivers and occupies the important position of "the heart of Wuhan". In the past, Hanzheng Street grasped the lifeline of early commerce in Wuhan, and was the first street in the national small commodity market. Brand clothing wholesale Base. Today, the momentum of transformation and development in Hanzheng Street is also very good. It has gradually become the core highlight spot of the Yangtze River spindle, taking the fashion industry as the core, featuring the characteristic commerce as the highlight, and taking the trade and culture as the soul.

In August 25th, Yun Shang Wuhan international fashion center, a flagship platform of the happy star fashion industry flagship platform of Yu Garden shares, was built in Hanzheng Street central area. It is reported that Yun Shang Wuhan international fashion center covers an area of 570 thousand square, characterized by "cross block" which runs through the indoor and outdoor areas. It has different space designs, such as the highlight area, the flash shop box, the garden style leisure space and so on, to meet the six major functional experiences of social interaction, experience, leisure, viewing, exploring, and fun.

In Yun Shang Wuhan international fashion center, there are three brands of children's wear, women's wear and men's wear. The original collection of YOSHOP, which is built by YOSAR Cloud Star Technology, is the original design base of Wuhan fashion center, covering the two floor of C hall.

YOSHOP original set, combining the fashion originality and intelligent business form, covers an area of 4000 square meters, and has several thousand original brands. This is a collection of world-renowned independent designer brands, focusing on fashion research and development, managing a variety of styles, fashion and fashion items, and building a complex of creative inspiration, aesthetic design and fashion quality life.

Original design helps the garment industry break through the trend.

With the increasingly close integration of the garment industry and the Internet, fashion forces in Europe, America, Japan and Korea are entrenched in the Chinese fashion industry. Under the impact of many styles, consumers demand more and more styles, and have higher requirements for originality and uniqueness of clothing. This makes it no longer feasible to produce only a few explosions and mass production in the past. AI pointed out that in 2019, China's "escalating generation of women clothing consumption insight report" pointed out that the consumption upgrade of this generation of women in the purchase of clothing types preferred "fast fashion", accounting for 46%, followed by the "original design" clothing type, accounting for 42%.

Against this background, the original YOSHOP set together with the YFD global original design incubator to train and introduce design talents, on the one hand, it has also been widely applied to all countries. Excellent designer Gather original design power, integrate international perspective, create more original costumes that have both personality aesthetics and market preference, help B terminal channel providers to butt the original source of original brand, reduce procurement costs and improve clothing sales.

At present, the YOSHOP original collection has assembled a number of well-known original design brands including Wang Damo, Shao Yong, Dan Fei, Su Yi, Yu Yin, look for mining, TODAY, Moon, MS002, the first warehouse, Cara, and so on, and will become the latest fashion center in Wuhan.

Big data platform, black technology plus

In addition to the explosion of funds and the scarcity of original products, the current wholesale market of clothing is also faced with problems such as information closure, market trend is difficult to master, and the three ends of "set up, produce, sell" resources can not be used synergy.

To this end, the YOSHOP original set, through information technology, links the upstream and downstream ports of the apparel industry chain, breaks the information islands, breaks through the barriers of interest segmentation, accelerates the reconstruction of the whole industry chain, and optimizes the ecological closed-loop of "setting, producing and selling" the clothing industry.

Through the analysis and summarization of industry big data, the YOSHOP original set can provide practitioners and trade practitioners with market decision-making basis and trend guidance, so that goods purchase can be targeted. Meanwhile, the store intelligent management tool star GO supports online ordering, online cash register and sales management, changing the old trend of traditional wholesale market transaction data, and injecting new blood into the field of service trade. In addition, YOSHOP applet support can also expand the online sales channel for B terminal providers and reduce inventory risk. In this way, the connection and resource sharing of big data on line and line will greatly enhance the quick response capability of the whole industry chain, and help B terminal providers to quickly carry out marketing channels and develop rapidly.

Interactive space, immersive shopping experience

Unlike traditional clothing wholesale market crowded, messy, cold, no personality decoration layout, YOSHOP original design of the overall space design has a sense of design and life, the use of color, lighting, soft packaging and other elements, activate the infinite possibilities of art, and bring customers immersive shopping experience. It is not so much a shopping mall as an original life base. YOSHOP explores the connection between clothing and emotion by exploring the deep and original needs of people in the spiritual and emotional latitudes. Flash shop, creative space, show T platform, net red sale, interactive device, cross boundary joint name... There are all kinds of new modes of picking up goods.

Excellent selection, precise grasp of market demand.

The designers of the YOSHOP original set are evaluated once every 3 weeks. They are evaluated on the big data platform, such as customer visits, trial goods, trading and so on, and constantly optimize the designer's goods and design ability. That is to say, the goods purchased by the B channel providers are the best products that match the needs of the market, whether they are style, quality or price.

Four pleasantly surprised, courtesy, benefit and trade people

During the opening period, the original YOSHOP set up four surprises for the people in charge of trade: 128 yuan registered members enjoy wholesale price, one is batch, shopping is polite, iPhone XS, iWatch, AirPods are sent full; 199 is reduced by 50, and the whole field is universal; In addition, different surprises will be dropped periodically during the opening period, which is called Double eleven below the line.

Mr. YOSAR, founder and general manager of cloud Shang Xing Technology, Mr. YOSHOP, director of human resources, said: "YOSAR Cloud Star technology takes original design as the starting point. Based on the intelligent supply chain operation system, we create the original IP commercialized fashion platform. YOSHOP original portfolio as our offline scene and sales center, on the one hand, linking YFD incubator, constantly bringing in excellent original design talents, on the one hand, connecting the online intelligent operation system IPX to realize the upgrading of traditional industrial chain. In this way, the connectivity and resource sharing of big data on line and line will help open, intelligent and efficient ports in the supply and trade supply chain to help B terminal providers reduce procurement costs and improve procurement efficiency. This time, we will bring the YOSHOP's "first store economy" to Wuhan, and build a national model through the whole channel resonance. In the future, YOSHOP will also blossom all over the country, contributing to the upgrading of the service trade industry and the traditional clothing wholesale market.

If the past Hanzheng Street is a microcosm of traditional business form, then we have reason to believe that the future Hanzheng Street will join hands with global design and brand strength under the influence of YOSHOP original set, and create a new landmark of Wuhan fashion based on the world. In August 25th, the new prologue of Hanzheng Street is about to open. Let's wait and see.

YOSHOP original collection :

Address: 2 / F, C hall, building 3, Yun Shang Wuhan international fashion center, intersection of Zhongshan road and Dover Road, Wuhan.

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