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French Senior Dress Custom Salon Successfully Held

2019/8/26 16:59:00 222

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In the afternoon of August 20th, sponsored by Hongkong Fashion Institute and Shenzhen Fashion Designers Association, Shenzhen's clothing industry training school, Guangdong clothing vocational training institute and Guangdong Fashion Vocational Training Institute accepted the custom dress Salon of France, which was held at the training school of garment industry of Shenzhen city. The fashion design director and technical director from nearly 30 well-known garment enterprises attended the ceremony. Second activity.

This lecture is made by an expert from France, Dominique Peron (Dominique). Pellen), Mr. Wang, explained the future trend of Shenzhen's clothing brand by analyzing the way of brand Upgrading -- international fashion trends and the birth of high-end models, and from the overall situation of the French market Empire, the emergence of the French fashion brand market model and the high-end version, and the opening of China's brand in France.

As one of the founders of women's dress cutting method, Mr. Dominique Pellen has worked in the Paris Institute of clothing and trade, and has served as Dior, LVMH group's LANVIN, Jean Paul Gautier, Balmain high definition plate making technical adviser, Givenchy director, New Balmain (New). Brand development responsible person, and organized a series of French women's clothing structure and pattern design series. In the seminar, Dominique cited a wealth of cases, showing high-end custom design and production skills, as well as some common version problems and improvements, and shared a variety of versions of the experience of comfort and beauty.

At the end of the lecture, Dominique conducted an excellent interaction with the students to answer questions and questions about their work and technology.

After the end of the activity, many students thumbs up and praised: "dry goods are full!" This lecture is very wonderful, the teacher is very earnest, many cases have carried out a comparative test on their own, for the key can have a good understanding. "We have learned a lot of general skills of international brands, and there are traces of advanced customization. It is indeed an eye opener. It feels close to the international brand."

(source: Shenzhen Fashion Designers Association)

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