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Sweater Big Coffee Gathered Pu Yuan, Together With The Get Industry Exclusive Secret?

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For designers, the endless inspiration and unique industry resources are the most important. In order to protect designers' inspiration, in September, a special innovation and empowerment complex, which belongs to the industry, began to rise in Pu Yuan.

"Pu Feng moved to the top of the silk." Since ancient times, Pu Yuan has brought the fashion and quality genes that are advancing with the times.

Nowadays, Pu Yuan It has become the core of the sweater industry cluster. This new complex, which combines inspiration and generous resources, is combined with the professional industrial service operator, set up the boundary, and use its unique space advantage to maximize the office convenience and cost savings for innovative enterprises.

   Feng Yi Pu Chuan, saving energy to take off

The design of the innovation and empowerment complex refers to the allusion of "phoenix tree", taking "Fengyi puchuan Weir" as the theme concept, "phoenix" represents talent, and "Pu Chuan" is Puyuan. The design innovation talents will be gathered here, and the industry will join forces to become the core driving force for the upgrading of the local design industry.

Entering the complex, we can see that the hall on the 1 floor is named "knot Lu", which is taken from Tao Yuanming's "drinking wine". It is the general service desk of the complex. The color of decoration is mostly grey and gold. This kind of inclusive color is also designed to fit the theme of "light" and show our tolerance to the individual.

The overall image and positioning of a complex is the entry point of talent convergence.

After the entry of talents and enterprises, it concentrates on the two or three and four levels of incubation, provides a one-stop entrepreneurial service platform with two layers as a layout point, and injections of the industry university research cooperation mode, which helps the start-ups grow up positively.

The five level is concentrated cultivation. Incubator The breakout of the unicorn reserve army, where enterprises are entering a period of rapid development, needs to be strengthened and enhanced.

The six level is the platform for enterprises to display and cooperate with other industries.

The seven level focuses on upgrading, including technology research and development, trend prediction, surface accessories collection and other exploration.

Finally, the eight layer is used to record the history, witness the monument and show the fruits. A whole series of individual, enterprise and even industrial development life cycle is set up in series.

"Knot Lu open source - Qiming - infiltration - bloom - change - Glory", these words explain the design concept of each layer, and correspond to different basic supporting functions.

Here, we will accompany each entry enterprise from pre incubation to medium term development, until we witness that the enterprise is shining through the popularity of products in the market, so spatial layout, also implies the process of starting from zero to one, and developing small and micro into pillar.

   Creative space, weaving fashion

location advantage

East to Shanghai 100 kilometers, West to Hangzhou 70 kilometers, north to Suzhou 80 kilometers, South to Shaoxing 115 kilometers, is the Yangtze River Delta region important transportation hub.

The waterways and empty railways are all in all directions, and all of them will set up Pu Yuan to the global development of bridges at home and abroad. Pu Yuan has become the core of the sweater industry cluster, approaching the garment processing area, and the raw material procurement area has the resources advantage of one key.

Low rent, high quality, bags can be checked in!

Innovation is the Zhejiang incubator project and enjoy the state lease subsidy. The rent is only 90 percent off of the same market price.

Among them, a single public supporting area has 8000 party area. Besides professional exhibition hall, ordering hall, accessories supermarket and professional library, the project software is also equipped with a series of services, such as business, taxation, forensic, product inspection and quarantine, intellectual property protection, national project declaration, etc. To the greatest extent, it is for innovative design enterprises to save time and cost and economic costs.

Lots are located in the center of town, gathering popularity.

Located in the center of Puyuan market town, every year in the public space of the building, a large number of well-known enterprises such as ordering, business meeting, reading club, entrepreneur exchange meeting, investment roadshow, master lecture and so on will be held. It will add vitality to the building, and the air garden will serve as a red card point for the daily life.

Integration of 9 major industrial service platforms

The creative empowerment complex, from one to eight levels of space and functional planning, takes the design route as a whole. It integrates 9 major industrial service platforms, namely, creative design, technological innovation, government industry university research collaboration, entrepreneurial public service, double creation incubation, scientific and technological achievements trading, intellectual property protection, science and technology financial support, and industrial innovation ecosystem.

From the designer, the high quality buyer to the fashionable dissemination system which forms the closed loop docking system of high quality dissemination, it provides strong support for PU local incubating the national and even world-class brand.

7 major services empowerment

From the trend of inspiration - R & D design - innovation material - Technology Intelligence - brand Publishing - Exhibition and trade docking industry chain closed loop supporting services.

Trend library, fashion trend forecast, three position integration

Pooling the world's best quality avant-garde art, design, fashion books, real-time fashion trend data can be querying.

Big data intelligence, global trend information

- central database

150 million high-definition pictures, 30 million massive style libraries, 40000 global T show / season, 40000 domestic and international brand libraries, 500 thousand pattern material storehouses, and 12000 popular trend market reports.

Intelligent design platform

Artificial intelligence based online design tool; 5 seconds to solve 3 days of creative virtual design.

- Fashion Library

More than a thousand kinds of fashion and creative books, over 500 art design publishers, including trend series, design series, art and creative series, fashion magazines series, new retail series.

Trend of wool knitting

Thematic trend intelligence based on artificial intelligence and big data analysis

Fashion salon, big coffee sharing under the line

Trend inspiration camp is more fashionable image projection, trend interpretation symposium, book friends' reading club, author's meeting and other offline activities to promote communication and sharing within the enterprise.

Expert think tank, all-round guidance

Provide global trend database for expert consultation and counseling. Market dynamics, color research, material trend, pattern design, group goods matching.

Advanced R & D laboratories, for self-service design and development services.

- technology experimentation area

"Self-service" development of experimental facilities, covering decoration, design, plate making, proofing and other aspects of the process experiment.

- intelligent building demonstration line

Collection of advanced hardware and software facilities at home and abroad

- innovative technology, intelligent manufacturing and data management of enterprise libraries.

Provide practical solutions for innovative technology and equipment to achieve supply chain docking.

- innovation publishing and technology exchange

New equipment and new technology exhibition and distribution, equipment procurement, ordering and docking, and 4 intelligence making special tours.

Innovative empowerment complex

The collection of global advanced manufacturing equipment, integration of industry pioneer technology resources, full time + coverage experiment research and development of LAB.

Relying on the advantages of Pu textile industry to promote the transformation of new achievements

- environmental regeneration technology research and development

Focus on developing environmentally friendly recycling technologies and product application features.

- Intangible Cultural Heritage Education

Innovative exploration of intangible cultural heritage and application of fashion industry and popularization of aesthetics

It provides supply chain purchasing services such as inquiring and retrieving at any time, cloud sampling and purchasing services, and "searching for materials," directional search, precise matching, collecting and distributing.

In order to improve the purchasing efficiency of enterprises, we provide regular surface accessories theme trend service and innovative materials design to apply popular design application solutions.

For the innovative design enterprise's industrial development road, escort!

  Government policy support, quick policy assistance

The empowerment organization is composed of government departments, scientific research institutions, business associations, platform enterprises, including local institutions, and has been granted policy support by local governments. It encourages enterprises to expand their markets, and provides subsidies for booth fees to the enterprises of Pu Yuan in the key exhibitions and exhibitions organized by the CMC and the town government, with a subsidy of up to 20% in addition to municipal grants.

Pu small and medium-sized enterprise service center system, enterprise services, to achieve a unified operation; one stop to solve!

Create master post, fashion Unicorn

The fashion Unicorn development plan includes trends and design services, trade and docking services, fashion publishing communication, introduction and decision making talents MBA training. Gather talents from the country with high academic qualifications to gain knowledge.

For the development of Pu innovative design enterprise. Continuously supply excellent fresh blood and shine.

Help Pu Zhou fashion week, linkage industry coordinated development

A professional platform, a fashionable perspective and an international window. The most popular trend of IN is released, which is more fashionable and bigger than that of famous designers.

Innovation and empowerment complex. Opening x joint September Pu Zhou Fashion Week A fashion feast for guests will be held. On the 16-19 th of September 2019, the opening of the Tongxiang innovation and energy complex, we will also bring more welfare releases, 360 degree visits to the innovative energy complex, and a full range of personalized service facilities.

Now that more than 30 enterprises have experienced, the remaining seats are limited. First come first served, oh, more information and information! The fashion industry will always need freshness. You also need! Set up the X Pu courtyard innovation complex, welcome your entry! Sweep up the WeChat public number and understand the detailed policy of the 320 Plaza.

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