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Is The 20 Year Old Alibaba The Hope Of Ma Yun?

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In September 10, 2019, for Ma Yun and Alibaba, there is too much meaning: Alibaba usher in the 20 year old birthday, this day is Ali founder Ma Yun's birthday, is also he thoroughly "cross rod" day.

Although the goal of enterprise survival from 102 years has only been completed by 1/5, for an Internet company, it is no doubt successful that it can go through 20 years in a sudden changing environment.

"Alibaba company I am most proud of is not the business model, but today our talent echelon, organizational construction and cultural development." In the summer 2018 Davos forum, Ma had publicly praised Ali's corporate culture and system. This may also be an important reason why it can "lay off" a bar at the age of 54.

In fact, the values and cultural systems inherited by Alibaba have been basically established since the early days of the company. At that time, Ma positioned Alibaba as a company that would serve Chinese SMEs in the future, so that small businesses could expand their business through innovation and technology and compete more effectively in domestic and international markets. "Our mission is to make it difficult for the world to do business." He said.

In 2009, at the Alibaba 10th anniversary celebration party, Ma further clarified the company's goals. He mentioned in his speech that in the next ten years, Ali will create ten million e-commerce platforms for small businesses, create one hundred million job opportunities for the whole world, and provide a platform for the consumption of one billion people around the world. "The future mission of Alibaba is to create new business civilization and learn to be open, sharing, responsible and globalized," Ma Yun said.

Carefully pondering Ma's words, it is not difficult to find that from 1999 to 2009, the cultural core of Ali has not changed, serving more users, more SMEs, and serving more people with a more open attitude.

Today's Alibaba has gone through second ten years' journey, and has grown into a market capitalization of over 460 billion dollars, over 100 thousand employees, business covers core business, cloud computing, digital media and entertainment, innovation business five giants.

When we say the next ten years' goals in the 10th anniversary celebration, Ma said that this will lead to a lot of criticism, ridicule and irony. "(but) it doesn't matter, Ali people are used to it."

Then, at the age of 20, he turned back to see the goals set by Ma Yun ten years ago. How did he perform those goals? Is today's Alibaba the way he wants to see it?

  Ten million, one hundred million and one billion

In 2017, at the 18th anniversary annual meeting of Alibaba, Ma noted that Alibaba is no longer an ordinary company, and is already an economy, a new economy. He also said that in the past years, Alibaba GMV exceeded five hundred billion dollars and ranked twenty-first in the world. According to the plan, Alibaba will become the fifth largest economy after the US, China, Europe and Japan in 2036, and no one doubts the feasibility of this goal.

Since then, Ma Yun and Alibaba CEO Zhang Yong have frequently mentioned the concept of Alibaba digital economy in public. In 2018, * Double eleven, including Tmall, Taobao, box horse, Yintai, hungry, word of mouth, flying pig, Youku and other formats for the first time, formally demonstrated the influence of Alibaba digital economy.

From a number of figures, Alibaba's digital economy is approaching the goal set by Ma ten years ago: creating ten million small businesses, providing one hundred million job opportunities, serving one billion consumers, and some indicators even exceed expectations.

According to the latest financial data, mobile monthly active customers of China's retail platform, including Taobao and Tmall, reach 755 million, and annual active consumers reach 674 million. At the beginning of this year, Alipay announced that it would provide services to 1 billion people around the world through cooperation with partners from 9 countries and regions.

The latest public figures are not yet available in the creation of small businesses. It can be seen that in October 2018, when word of mouth and hunger were combined, they announced that they had reached 3 million 500 thousand of their services in 676 cities. In 2019, the number of Taobao shops also exceeded 10 million.

Alibaba is now a huge employment platform in China. Renmin University of China group of labor and personnel research revealed that in 2018, Alibaba's China retail platform created 40 million 820 thousand jobs, up 10.89% over the same period last year. This includes 15 million 580 thousand transaction employment opportunities and 25 million 240 thousand leading employment opportunities. Although there is still a gap between the one hundred million employment goals, it is undeniable that the Alibaba has played an important role in creating employment opportunities.

Relying on diversified business scenarios and the data assets formed and combined with cloud computing, Ali has also formed a unique "business operation system" in the digital age. There are business infrastructures such as Ali cloud, ant gold suit, rookie, High German, nail and so on, as well as commercial and digital service platforms including Tmall, Taobao, and Ali mother. At the same time, they also cover health, entertainment and other services.

"The key to a business operation system is not a single module, but a combined output of a set of system capabilities". In Zhang Yong's view, it is a resource system and a digital infrastructure. "This business operation system hopes to help all enterprises realize online and digitalization in 11 commercial elements such as" brand, commodity, sale, marketing, channel, manufacturing, service, finance, logistics supply chain, organization, information technology ", and support them to move towards new retail business in an all-round way.

   New business civilization

At Ali 10th anniversary, another new ten year goal put forward by Ma Yun is that Alibaba should promote the building of new business civilization.

"The old era of commercial civilization is that enterprises take themselves as the center, create profits as the center, create the most valuable things, and hope to gain more profits, instead of taking the society as the center," Ma said in describing the new business civilization. "In twenty-first Century, we need companies that have the idea of twenty-first Century. We hope to become more open, sharing and globalization companies."

Ma Yun's imagination of new business civilization is also praised and emulated by many businessmen in the Alibaba ecosystem. Take Wang Yongjun, founder of Shanghai Xuan Ming Network Technology Co., Ltd. as an example, he is one of the many supporters of Alibaba culture and values.

Since he started his business in 2004, Lao Gao has been deeply influenced by Ali. He calls himself a "very nice" person. He is "sincere, passionate and passionate". In addition to impressing everyone in the company, he often watches Ma Yun's speeches, Zhang Yong's articles and Zeng Ming's articles. "Ali will change my organizational structure every year, and I will learn about the management logic after the change of organizational structure." Lao Gao believes that Alibaba has helped him release his passion and realize his dream, which has given countless electric providers the chance to succeed. "Alibaba's change to the whole society is huge."

With the expansion of business ecology, the Alibaba seems to be getting stronger and stronger. One of the most intuitive performance is that Alibaba insists on the "centralization" path in the investment process, compared with other Internet Co, the investment style is more "overbearing".

From the point of view of investment, Alibaba's strategy of strategic investment in recent years is becoming clearer. In its 2018 fiscal year report, Ali made it clear that it would not invest and acquire purely financial reasons, but instead focused on strengthening Ali's ecosystem, creating strategic synergy, and improving the overall value of the company.

According to the report issued by IT oranges, as of November 20, 2018, Alibaba had publicly disclosed 96 investment and financing events, involving 92 companies. From the perspective of investment cycle, the investment is mainly in the middle and late stage, especially the strategic investment. Among them, the proportion of strategic investment is the highest in all rounds, close to 40% (about 38.54%).

Looking through the past 400 investment behaviors of Alibaba, it can be found that the most investment field is the electronic business track which is most closely related to its core business, followed by enterprise services and cultural entertainment, and the total proportion of the three accounts for more than 40% (about 41.45%).

For the invested enterprises, Ali's demands for controlling power and even exclusiveness have received different feedback from different people.

After starving for Ali's wholly-owned acquisition, Zhang Xuhao, the founder of the company, has publicly stated that "we are only walking with people who have similar ideas. This cooperation is based on the trust and common vision of both sides. Until now, we are constantly thinking deeply about the common problems and deepening problems of businesses and users around the world, how to help them solve problems and create value. This is very compatible with the idea of "empowerment" partners advocated by Alibaba.

However, Ali's strong style also made some entrepreneurs feel "unwell". A typical example is Wang Xing, founder of the US group. In the interview with finance and economics about Ali, Wang Xing said that after the merger of the US group in October 2015, he paid special visits to Ma Yun and Xiaoyao (ALI CEO Zhang Yong). Wang Xing hopes to be able to support the two giants such as Tencent and Ali.

As a result, Wang Xing was refused by a strong word. According to Wang Xing, at that time, Ali replied to him, "we can invest money for you, you can get 1 billion dollars, 2 billion dollars, we can all vote, but you can't ask for money from Tencent again."

The final result is known by the outside world. The US delegation abandoned its cooperation with ALI and joined the Tencent department, while Ali retained some stocks in the US group on the one hand, and at the same time supporting the hungry and supporting the US regiment at all costs.

There is a view that a strong investment style leads to the impression that Ali has left the world with no allies. As an assistant to the president of Ali cloud business department and a senior director of data Department, now the founder of the kangaroo cloud is torrent (real name: Chen Ji Ping). "If Ali's ecosystem is to rely on investment to become an ally, then Ali's ecosystem has failed." In his view, ecological partners should be a win-win mechanism rather than an investment mechanism.

  Sense of happiness

At 10th anniversary, Mr Ma mentioned that one of Alibaba's three visions is to become the most happiest company. He said, "we are not satisfied with creating more millionaires. We hope that employees are not only material wealth, but also spiritual wealth. We want employees to have a sense of achievement, social recognition and social respect, and encourage employees to always insist on serious life and happy work."

Since then, Alibaba has set up a "happiness index group", specializing in the research and implementation of happiness index. Experienced internal staff discussions, learning from external related fields, gradually formed some common understanding. Ma Yun also worked with Feng Lun and other bigwigs to visit Bhutan, the country with the highest index of happiness, to find traces and methods of happiness.

The Alibaba interpretation of employee happiness includes several levels: the basic level of happiness is to protect individuals and families; second level is to help employees find and achieve their self-worth; the third level of happiness is the sense of mission of a group.

In April, LinkedIn (leader) released the list of the most attractive employers in China in 2019. Alibaba ranked first, followed by Baidu. HUAWEI ranked ninth. The list is based on feedback from LinkedIn in China with over 40 million users. The study focused on four major indicators, including interest in the company, contacts with employees, job demands and employee retention.

In the past 10 years, Ali ranks among the top ranking of many employers. As early as 2015, Ma Yun himself had said to other countries, "Ali is the highest index of happiness".

At present, Alibaba actually employs more than 110 thousand employees. But up to now, the number of employees of Ali has been discharged to about 200000, which means that the number of alumni who has left office is about 100 thousand. Ali happiness index is not only for employees, but also for their alumni, many of them are still full of friendship with ALI.

As a veteran soldier who had worked in Ali for 11 years, Torre disclosed that he had wanted to go every day for the first three months of joining Ali, because Ali and the culture of the former company were different, the way of communication and the way of work needed great changes. "It was very painful and painful for four or five months."

Recalling the experience of that year, tui Lei felt that Ali's culture was of great help to his own business. "Thank you very much for the past few years. I've learned a lot about business and management team in the following years. If I hadn't been trained for a few years, I might still be a typical, non skilled technician. He said.

At the third alumni conference held in 2018, the Alibaba announced that it would officially designate Ali Alumni Association as "class 102". At that time, more than 1000 alumni who graduated from Ali came to Hangzhou from all over the world, listening to Ma Yun's teachings and retelling Ali friendship. At that Alumni Association, Ma stressed more about Ali culture. He told Ali alumni, "we are not walking together because of interests, but our idealism, let us walk together."

Of course, there are also many negative comments on Ali's work on the Internet. For example, some people complain about joining the Alibaba from NetEase, although wages have risen by 50%, but they can not feel happy. Recently, a widely circulated article also believes that working in Ali is like being paid for by a large amount of money. It doesn't care much about your mood.

Source: all weather technology writer: Zhang Chao

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