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Textile Raw Materials Are Weak And Stable, Yarn Orders Have Not Improved Significantly.

2019/9/11 11:35:00 0

Textile Raw MaterialsYarn Orders

Last week (September 2-6), cotton raw materials had no market price, other raw materials remained weak and stable, yarn orders did not improve significantly, and the market remained empty.

Raw materials for cotton. The overall market is dominated by weakness, while Zheng cotton is at a low level. As of September 6th, Zheng cotton CF1909 contract closed 12300 yuan / ton, up 255 yuan / ton. The upward pressure on the market is still relatively large, and the upward trend is hindered. The turnover rate of storage cotton increased significantly, indicating that the demand for cotton was still strong, especially when the cotton spinning came to an end. Many enterprises took advantage of the low price. In recent years, Xinjiang cotton has been blowing out, and some factories in southern Xinjiang have begun to scale up. The purchase price of seed cotton is about 5 yuan / kg, which is down 1.5 yuan / kg compared with 6.5 yuan / kg in 2018, and cotton farmers are more resistant to this price. There are also difficulties in ginning plants. At present, the spot price of lint is between 12500-12600 yuan / ton, which has continued to drop nearly 500 yuan / ton compared with the previous week. The mainland cotton seed has not yet been listed, but the the Yellow River River Basin and the Yangtze River Basin have been picking up most of the time. The ginning factory is expected to open up a scale of 2.5-2.7 yuan / Jin this year, down by about 0.8 yuan / Jin compared with 2018.

Other raw materials. Polyester staple prices fluctuate little. In September 8th, the 1.4D*38mm polyester staple fiber in Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces reported 7250 yuan / ton, compared with the end of August, the price rose by 100 yuan / ton, and sales volume was generally large. Viscose staple fiber prices fell sharply, Jilu 1.5D*38mm viscose staple fiber newspaper 11000 yuan / ton, 1.2D*38mm viscose staple fiber reported 10900 yuan / ton, compared with September 1st prices fell 400 yuan / ton, the actual deal can be negotiated.

Pure cotton yarn. The market has yet to see a marked improvement. At present, textile mills have fewer orders, less capital turnover and more workers' loss. Recently, however, good news has come from the market. First, the Ministry of Commerce said that China and the United States will hold consultations in mid September, and the thirteenth round of Sino US economic and trade consultations will strive for substantial progress. Temporarily uncertain whether this is "wolf coming", but to a certain extent, it can always alleviate the mood of macro deviation. Two, the central bank decided to reduce the deposit reserve ratio of financial institutions by 0.5 percentage points in September 16, 2019. Macro market continues to release good news, can it drive the current textile market? In September 8th, a factory in Shandong had a price of 20600 yuan / ton for the cotton blended yarn with 21S high duty knitted pure cotton yarn, and 22000 yuan / ton for 32S high quality knitted cotton yarn, which remained stable compared with the previous trading day.

Other yarns. Week, polyester yarn prices fell slightly. In September 8th, a 32S polyester yarn of a factory in Shandong was quoted at 16200 yuan / ton (opening the factory), which was 100 yuan / ton lower than the end of August. In September 8th, the 30S cotton yarn of a factory in Jiangsu was reported to be 15600 yuan / ton (cash price), and there was no change in price compared with September 1st.

Imported yarn. Recently, cotton yarn enquiries and shipments are still no improvement. In the past week, port bonded and customs clearance are concentrated in C16S-C32S, with high knitting yarn, medium and low grade yarn denim yarn. At present, there are about 125 thousand tons of imported yarn library, which is about 5 thousand tons higher than the previous week.

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