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After Announcing The Return To Basketball, CONVERSE Opened The First Asian Basketball Concept Store In Beijing.

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CONVERSE, who has been playing the "All Star" canvas shoes, has announced its return to the basketball market.

Recently, CONVERSE's first Asian Basketball concept shop was unveiled at Wukesong Huaxi LIVE. According to the briefing, this shop is the first Asian Basketball store featuring CONVERSE's announcement of its return to the basketball market. At the same time, the store launched a professional basketball shoes, highlighting CONVERSE's determination to return to the basketball market.

   Opening of Asia's first store

Recently, CONVERSE basketball concept store opened in Wukesong Huaxi LIVE. The store occupies an area of more than 300 square meters, and the shop adopts a simple industrial style decoration. The store is mainly divided into three areas, basketball shoes exhibition area, customized area and commodity display area. Unlike other CONVERSE stores, the store has a basketball shoe display area and a customized area in addition to the normal display area.

The basketball display area of the store contains CONVERSE's latest basketball shoes. The LED display in the display area is also circulating video related to basketball. In addition, in order to match the promotion of basketball shoes, consumers can purchase free basketball TEE shoes in the CONVERSE basketball concept store from August 8th to September 15th.

In addition to the characteristics of basketball elements, the CONVERSE basketball concept store also adjusted the products according to the characteristics of the consumer groups in the business circle. Huaxi LIVE will have family consumption demand. Hua Xi LIVE has set up CONVERSE's children's products for this purpose.

  Back to basketball market

For consumers, CONVERSE's canvas shoes have been well known to consumers, but CONVERSE basketball shoes will be relatively unfamiliar to some consumers. The opening of Asia's first basketball concept store is also the first practical move after CONVERSE announced its return to the basketball market.

According to introducing, CONVERSE basketball concept store has launched three basketball shoes, each has different color matching, and has access to Nike's sports shoes technology. More and more professional basketball shoes will continue to be introduced in the future.

Wukesong, one of the most popular basketball gathering places in Beijing, attracts many basketball fans all the year round. Meanwhile, the 2019 basketball world cup will also be held here, hoping that with the popularity of the world cup, more basketball fans will know that CONVERSE will return to the basketball market.

  Spotting the "fans" economy

Data showed that among the two typical groups of young people aged under 20 and 25-35 years old, the number of Internet users who liked the best basketball players were 52% and 40% respectively, ranking the first among all the sports.

"Chinese consumers are telling us that basketball business will not go down," said Matthew Jung, vice president and general manager of CONVERSE Asia. "Now more children are playing basketball, many courts are being built, the government supports basketball, Chinese national team is young and energetic, so I think there must be a market for basketball, and functional basketball shoes will become a more important product."

According to the analysis, CONVERSE launched the first basketball concept store in Asia on the occasion of the basketball world cup. It is precisely because of the huge consumption potential in the Chinese market. At the same time, we have introduced some historical sports shoes, and with the help of Chinese people's feelings about the history of their shoes, they have developed new stimulation to their business. In addition, in order to meet consumer demand, diversified products are also one of the ways for enterprises to survive today.

Source: Beijing Commercial Daily writer: Wang Xiaoran Zhao Chi

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