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Taoray Taoray Press New York Fashion Week, Global Thinking Collides New "Intangible Heritage"

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TaorayTaorayNew York Fashion WeekWang Tao

At 10 in the evening of September 11, 2019, Wang Tao, the world-renowned Chinese treasure designer, worked on the axis.

One of the historical knowledge that fashion people must know is that in 1943, the French fashion show in Paris was unable to continue because of the influence of the Second World War. A large number of Europeans fled to the Atlantic on the other side of New York to escape the war and set up a new fashion business in New York. Eleanor Lambert, founder of the CFDA, founded the Press Week, leading the fashion show with large scale and media publicity. It became the rudiment of the fashion week in New York. Therefore, New York fashion week is considered to be the oldest fashion week.

However, another possibility of "Fashion Week" may also be explored: the Yunnan Yi Race Festival, which has a long history in 1353, is a festival that the Yi mothers gather spontaneously to find suitable candidates for marriage and marriage age children. Once a year, they never stop taking turns to display their own embroidery skills and Clothing skills.

Today, New York fashion week, as an international fashion vane, attracts designers, brands, buyers and media two times a year. The Yi Festival is similar to the Yi's "intangible cultural heritage", such as Yi embroidery. Needless to say, this is the status quo of most "non heritage" in China.

Those who inherit and care about the development of China's fashion industry have always embraced the good wishes of the world, and have been trying to find opportunities and paths for transformation and bloom.

2020 spring and summer New York fashion week launched the slogan of "change". Behind the scenes, all kinds of innovations continued to take place. At 10 o'clock in the evening of September 11, 2019, the world-renowned Chinese treasure designer Wang Tao worked on the axis. With the theme of "cloud embroidered Yi dress, traditional hand holding fashion, Millennium tournament dress, New York meets Chuxiong" as the theme, the "taoray taoray X Yi embroidery" crossover design show was handed out the perfect answer.

Through no time and space

Dongfang International Group's TOP100 global designers Union, Yunnan Chuxiong Yi culture industry office, taoray taoray brand team, the key figures to promote this joint cooperation in New York fashion week main show Spring Studios joined forces, dedicate a crossing the region, through the space-time feast.

The TOP100 global designers union is produced by the Shanghai international textile and fashion industry development Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Orient International Group. As an all-weather project matched with Shanghai fashion week, it has been committed to communicating, linking and innovating with the global design forces, and colliding, communicating and integrating with the global fashion culture. It aims to promote Chinese traditional culture and ethnic culture in a professional, industrialized, international and market-oriented fashion through cross-border integration. In the background of Shanghai and Yunnan's "East West cooperation" national strategy, Chuxiong Yi embroidery, which has a history of more than 1000 years, has stepped out of the Yi people and moved towards the world. It has also become the political responsibility and undertaking of the Oriental international initiative.

In April of this year, TOP100 led Chuxiong Yi embroidery to the T stage of Shanghai fashion week. The New York fashion week just ended in September. Chuxiong Yi embroidery "racing festival" also passed through time and space. In the 2020 spring and Summer Conference on "self defining" taoray taoray, created by Wang Tao, "no borders, no age, no occupation, no gender", a close contact with New York fashion week has brought out a dazzling and dazzling vitality and vitality in the world's most fashionable stage.

There is no time limit for tidal currents.

Wang Tao, who has the international diversity background and released the 11 season in New York fashion week's main show, has many people's unmatched global thinking. This is why Tong Jisheng, chairman of Orient International Group, especially appreciates Wang Tao. It is precisely when he spares no effort to promote Wang Tao's taoray taoray and Chuxiong Yi embroidery to the new generation of "non heritage".

In Tong Jisheng's view, "the clothing, clothing elements and clothing culture of Chinese ethnic minorities are very plentiful, but they often stay in tourist souvenirs, and can not find a good way of expression, and turn it into a market new product that modern consumers like. This is also a difficult point promoted by the intangible cultural heritage. To solve this problem, what we need is the change of thinking and ideas! We can not use traditional ideas to instil, reluctant consumers to accept, and need market oriented, to create new consumer demand. Both Wang Tao himself and taoray taoray brand are carrying out this global fashion thinking. Only this kind of global thinking can make the intangible cultural heritage shine.

The "taoray taoray X Yi embroidery" series of 2020 spring and summer crossover series has verified his expectations. Hundreds of models who participated in the casting link have proved their attraction to the "2020 taoray" and "spring and summer" cross-border series with their own likes. This group represents the attractiveness of the most fashionable aesthetic groups. Finally, the 10 men and 10 women who have different nationality color, height, body type and different personality beliefs are selected. Based on the perfect interpretation of the new products, Wang Tao's unique perspective on the embroidery of the intangible heritage, the flexible use of the national elements, and the superb techniques of inheriting and developing are thoroughly interpreted.

The great transformation of taoray taoray brand founder and CEO Wang Tao "let non heritage into today's life" is the key for Chuxiong Yi embroidery to move young consumers all over the world and truly transform from "national" to "world".

As Wang Tao said, "before I touched Yi embroidery, my knowledge of Yi embroidery, probably like most Chinese people and friends abroad, is what we can't wear everyday, such as purse, clothes, hats and backbones sold in tourist commodities stores. But when I really looked at embroidered mother embroidery, I deeply felt the beauty and vitality of Yi embroidery, and also understood the importance of Yi embroidery to the Yi people. Yi embroidery is the carrier of the important moments of the Yi People's life and the important existence that records their lives. Therefore, I chose to combine Yi embroidery with the essential single products in our daily life, so that two different times, different countries, but all things that are closely related to life and culture are integrated. This fusion is natural, beautiful, and can be worn by young people in daily life.

The handmade cowboy in the series may best represent the core expression of taoray taoray this season: "it is embroidered by a local embroidered mother and embroidered by a needle, and it is also the only cowboy in the world, whether it is creative or unique, it is very precious -- just like the Yi mother's own embroidered match for her children."

Cross border without borders


Xu Xiaomei, member of the Standing Committee of the Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture Committee and Minister of propaganda, also gave great recognition to the "taoray taoray X Yi embroidery" 2020 spring and summer cross-border series.

Yi, who has the deepest understanding and feelings of Yi culture, can feel the amazing place and significance of this show. Yi embroidery has a history of more than one thousand years. The Yi nationality has more than seventy thousand embroidered mothers. In the historical mission of building a strong province with strong national culture, Yi embroidery and Yi nationality's embroidered mother are indispensable important parts.

But how can we achieve the professionalization of these seventy thousand scattered folk crafts? How can we bring the embroidered girl into the army of industrialization and achieve poverty reduction?

Facing the world! Hand in hand with taoray taoray Wang Tao, facing the trend of fashion, with her cool and dedicated, let the ancient non heritage culture burst out of the vitality that can be recognized by the world!

"The beauty of the United States and the United States", Xu Xiaomei summed up the cooperation with Mr. Fei Xiaotong. She said: "the heart of humanity is a constant theme. The cultural exchange and integration of the world is also one continuous line. We must not forget the past one thousand years of old heritage and take pride in it. We must also open up our minds to absorb foreign cultures and develop creatively and creatively. We should also face the future. In the convergence of Chinese and Western cultures, we should have a common sense of common development and common development." taoray taoray used the way of breaking convention to let the world see Yi embroidery, and let the world jointly verify the universal value of Yi embroidery. So, we have confidence in the future. "Every beauty, beauty, beauty

"Cloud embroidered Yi dress, tradition meets fashion; Millennium tournament clothing, New York hand in hand Chuxiong", "taoray taoray X Yi embroidery" 2020 spring and summer New York fashion week, Wang Tao uses the way different from the main brand TAORAY WANG to show her flying side, and also to meet the people's daily wear scene diversity.

Whether it is out of the love of "TAORAY WANG" or "taoray taoray", it also recognises the guests and friends that Wang Tao herself has come to express her admiration and admiration for the alternative fusion of taoray taoray and Yi embroidery. More millions of fashion bloggers can't help asking for the demand of borrowing clothes Street after the show.

And the media at home and abroad who always pay attention to Wang Tao also poured the enthusiasm that has not yet been fully poured out of the TAORAY WANG big show in the past few days on the taoray taoray report.

Perhaps to announce the arrival of the world is not the "high light" that Wang Tao, a frequent visitor to New York fashion week and an old acquaintance in the eyes of the international media, is like Wang Tao's insistence on "original design" and "high quality production". The loud voice of taoray taoray on the international stage is to let the world see Chuxiong Yi embroidery, and let the whole world discover the beauty of non heritage, and let the tide lead the industrial progress.

Five thousand years of history, the brilliant culture of the fifty-six nations, will bring energy to the fashion industry, immeasurable! Thunderous applause sounded, Wang Tao looked forward to this cross-border cooperation has an unlimited future, in the hundred flowers contention, global integration, the charming and beautiful nine petals!

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