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2020 Spring Fashion Trend

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2020 Spring Fashion Trend2020 Spring And Summer Women's Wear TrendWomen's Wear Design Trend

The flower pattern has springing up in the recent T stage show, and the new flower design has also caused a sensation on Instagram.

Add shadow details like Dries Van Noten to enhance the beauty of surrealism.

The use of a large number of artificial color to create a flow of color appearance, digital color into the real world. With the glass glossy surrealistic thin gauze as the bottom, it shows the color of modern style.

Keep a concise version, focus on color, and the bigger the contrast, the better. The flow of hallucinogenic marble patterns can be used as a key creative idea for all printed or printed designs.

The party dress pattern transforms from the magic wave pattern to the intense rave style design, perfectly matches the festival season, the inspiration originates from the 2020 spring summer psychedelic wind theme.

Choose stripe stripes instead of 60s psychedelic prints. Try to use the illusion of illusion and fade fade, so that the design shows a new sense of future retro wind.

The Fabricant auctioned an online virtual costume at US $9500, which indicates that we have entered a new field of virtual costume design.

Video games and arcade games inspire realistic design, and street furniture has more retro style. Fantasy landscape, digital color and retro sportswear form the basis of the theme of the game.

The theme of the game revolutionized the trend of spring and summer in 2020, focusing on the design of motorcycles and bicycles to cater to the prevailing theme of revival of drivers.

Stereoscopic, digital printing and crystal decoration have added a sense of future and fantasy to the romanticism of the new generation.

The soft and hard contour can be matched with the box shoulder design and excavation pattern. Strip details, shawl style structure and excavation design are bringing out new ideas. Clinics green, digital wax pink and bright colors are the key colors of this theme.

Coming from the movie of "the matrix" and "the silver wing killer", the future shape of the film is rising again, updating the theme of future commuters.

Combining sportswear elements with modern wind suit, the intelligent blue and green concrete of the clinic are matched with the concrete ash, showing a simple and elegant sense of beauty.

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