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Taking Root And Silk For Hundreds Of Millions Of People's Necessities, How Did The "WAL-MART" Of China's Polyester Filament Industry Become?

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From the beginning of the dacron industry to the beginning, and now China has become the most important force in the global polyester and polyester industry territory. Since the founding of new China 70 years ago, China's polyester industry has been writing a magnificent development history along with the rapid development of China's chemical fiber industry. In the history of China's polyester industry, it is located in Tongxiang, Zhejiang. Tong Kun group In the course of the continuous development and expansion of the private chemical fiber economy, it has become a unique existence.

In June of this year, the China chemical fiber industry association was released in Quanzhou, Fujian. 2018 China chemical fiber industry output ranking The ranking is divided into chemical fiber comprehensive ranking and 15 sub product ranking. among Tung Kun ranked first in the 4 ranking of chemical fiber production ranking and pet civilian filament (excluding DTY), polyester POY, sliced polyester filament filament yarn, and continues to maintain the leading position in the industry. status

This is just a part of Tong Kun's many honors. In fact, since its establishment, Tong Kun has maintained a steady development trend, especially Since 1991, the "five nothings" have been realized: No annual loss, no external guarantee loans, no sales receivables, no product backlog stocks, no production cuts; It was successfully listed in 2011. Polyester filament production capacity and output for many years ranked first in the world's industry. Since 2002, Tung Kun has been ranked the top 500 of Chinese enterprises in 17 consecutive years. ...

The above honor has undoubtedly added a bright note to Tong Kun's "Honor Book". In the past 38 years, it has been the honor of Bibi that has accomplished the magnificent transformation of Tung Kun, and helped to achieve its goal from small to large, from weak to strong, and become a miniature of Chinese enterprises' revitalization of China.

Wind and rain build the foundation stone

1981 Qingshi, late village, Yima, Yong Xiu, hemp and other communes and Tongxiang County Social team Business Bureau jointly founded the first township enterprise specializing in the production of chemical filament yarn in Tongxiang. Tongxiang chemical fibre factory It opened the way for the development of Tongxiang chemical fiber industry.

1983 The Tongxiang chemical fiber factory has been put into operation and has considerable benefits. At that time, the production of polypropylene fiber was also very tight. As the first and two projects were well managed, and the chemical fiber industry was in a good market at that time, the company planned to build the three phase project. Feng Ming chemical fibre factory

However, the good news is not long. The internal management of Tongxiang chemical fiber plant is increasingly chaotic. In 1990, the chaotic management led to the development of enterprises, and became the number one enterprise in the chemical fiber spinning industry. The total assets less than 5 million of the enterprises were insolvent and nearly 1 million yuan.

And Tongxiang chemical fibre factory The dilemma is in sharp contrast. Feng Ming chemical fibre factory But they are developing well and thriving.

Seeing that the enterprise is difficult to continue, more than 200 workers from Tongxiang chemical fiber factory have sent a letter to the Party committee and government of Chau Quan Town, calling for the adjustment of the leading group of enterprises. Zhou Quan town Party committee and government attach great importance to this, the town leaders have looked for Ren Fengming many times. Chen Shiliang, deputy director of chemical fiber factory The conversation asked for its appointment. Director of Tongxiang chemical fiber factory To shoulder the important task of revitalization of Tongxiang chemical fiber factory.

Chen Shiliang, who was 28 years old, resolutely took up the burden, made radical efforts to rectify the internal management, and actively expanded the production capacity. In a month, he made an SKV101 polypropylene spinning machine production line with an annual output of 200 tons. Profit 1 million yuan

Subsequently, with the change of market demand, polyester filament products foreshadowed a broad market prospect for its superior performance and use. It is imperative to readjust the product structure. Therefore, the company has established the idea of "technological transformation" to find a way out. However, according to the strength and external reputation of the enterprises at that time, it is not easy to raise funds for technological transformation. In spite of all the hard work, the four words of "borrowing the ship to sea" are just like a spark, illuminating the direction of the enterprise's progress.

As a result, the company three went to Kunshan, Jiangsu, and won support and trust with sincerity and pragmatic cooperation. First from Kunshan, Jiangsu. Su San Shan Group A KP431 spinning machine with an annual output of 1000 tons was bought on credit. Jiangsu Changshu chemical fibre equipment factory An agreement was also reached with the enterprises to test the two SKV102 spinning machines with an annual output of 2000 tons in the form of trial production partners in Tongxiang chemical fiber factory.

By the beginning of 1993, the technical transformation project that needed 30 million capital and several years had been completed successfully in only one year. In order to let the enterprise bear in mind this hard won entrepreneurial course, at the same time, we express our gratitude to the Kunshan Su San Shan Group and Changshu chemical fiber equipment factory for their help. When the company formed a group in 1995, it was officially renamed "Tong Kun". Thanks for your name.

So far, Tong Kun has embarked on a healthy development track and has been developing step by step. In 1999, Tong Kun carried out a shareholding system reform. 2000 to build China's Tong Kun chemical fiber industrial city; In the 2008 financial crisis, Tung Kun was in the opposite direction and invested 1 billion 200 million yuan to start the world's largest melt spinning project with single line capacity. In May 18, 2011, "Tong Kun shares" was successfully listed and launched a new blueprint for development.

Transformation and acceleration

Along the way, Tung Kun's heart has always been stronger and stronger.

In recent years, Tong Kun has accelerated its transformation on the way of development by eliminating backward production capacity, promoting cleaner production, green manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing transformation, and making steady progress in the pursuit of quality.

Standing in the outlet of intelligent manufacturing, Tong Kun is actively joining the "Internet +" and "machine substitutions" to join hands in the innovative development road. In response to the backwardness of equipment, structural overcapacity and low energy consumption, Tung Kun responded positively to the call of the government to "retreat from the three to the third" and "retreat from the low to the high", drastically eliminated backward production capacity, and launched automation equipment to respond positively to the supply side structural reform focusing on capacity, storage, deleveraging, cost reduction, and compensation board put forward by the state, so that enterprises could break through tight competition in fierce competition. At present, Tong Kun has eliminated the backward production capacity of several large and old enterprises, instead of the advanced automatic intelligent production line.

At the same time, Tong Kun continued to push forward the design concept of "integrated design, large-scale production, flexible manufacturing, intelligent control, and professional customization", and through billions of investment, the whole process of digital fiber production technology and automated intelligent logistics system were widely used in the member enterprises of the group, and accumulated more than 8000 people to save labor. Jiaxing Petrochemical polyester intelligent manufacturing project included in the Ministry of industry's "intelligent manufacturing pilot project in 2018". Through a series of measures, Tong Kun has realized the improvement of the product quality, the improvement of the working environment, the decrease of workers' labor intensity and the increase of employees' income, so that enterprises can continue to move forward in the way of reducing staff, increasing efficiency and saving energy and reducing consumption.

It is worth mentioning that, Tong Kun also attaches great importance to the parallel development of enterprises and social responsibilities. We must adhere to the road of environmental protection, continue to promote cleaner production and green manufacturing, develop circular economy, and promote the comprehensive utilization of resources, green, low-carbon and clean safety in the chemical fiber industry. At present, clean production and recycling economy have achieved fruitful results. The group has continued to increase environmental protection investment and regulation, and has carried out technological transformation of existing plants and existing installations every year. We should make full use of waste heat power generation, tail gas power generation, photovoltaic power generation and other projects to achieve the harmonious development of economic, environmental and social benefits. The new project adheres to the idea of high starting point, high standard and high quality to realize green and low carbon production. The three phase of Heng Bang project is selected as the national green manufacturing system integration project. At the same time, Tung Kun has played an important role in the joint operation of the industry, and has built up a green demonstration production line for bombs, weaving, dyeing and finishing enterprises, promoting the application of green multi-functional differential fiber and the overall level of green production technology in the industrial chain. Promote.

Technological innovation is gaining new life

Technology is the primary productive force. Today's society is changing rapidly, without innovation, it will be eliminated.

With the spirit of always dissatisfied with the status quo, Tong Kun has continuously developed a series of high-tech new products that will lead the market, meet the needs of people's lives and develop high-quality.

As the national new synthetic fiber product development base and the national green manufacturing industry base. Tong Kun has owned the national enterprise technology center, national accreditation laboratory, academician expert workstation, postdoctoral workstation, provincial enterprise research institute, provincial skill master studio, etc. And in depth cooperation with famous universities in China, upgrading and innovating in aspects of technological innovation, equipment transformation, new product development, energy saving and emission reduction, reducing cost and increasing efficiency, and personnel training. Upgrading quality.

At present, Tong Kun has presided over the participation. A number of state-level advanced science and technology projects Hosting or participating 3 National Science and technology support programs Finish 9 National Torch Program ; Win The second award of the Scientific and Technological Progress of the State and 29 awards for scientific and technological progress at provincial and ministerial level ; Host 2016 Ministry of industry green manufacturing system integration project 1 items Participation 2 1 national key R & D projects in 017 years Presided over In 2018, the Ministry of industry and information technology intelligent manufacturing application project 1 items. , 1 pilot projects for intelligent manufacturing ; and Certified by "made in Zhejiang" product , Selected single champion demonstration enterprises of manufacturing industry and China Textile Engineering Society to carry out intelligent manufacturing demonstration enterprises. ; Have 591 patents, presided over and participated in the formulation of more than 40 standards. , More than half of the national and trade standards in the polyester industry are chaired by Tong Kun or involved in the formulation.

Scientific and technological innovation not only improves the scientific research ability of enterprises in product production and technology, but also opens up a broad road for transformation of enterprises, which enables enterprises to regenerate in the wave of supply side reform.

Nowadays, Tong Kun has become the world's largest polyester filament manufacturer. It has five series of more than 1000 polyester filament products, and its product differentiation rate is over 60%. Almost all sizes of polyester filament can be produced from 50D to 1000D. It is known as the "WAL-MART" of China polyester filament industry.

Actively connect upstream and downstream

In recent years, it is common to go upstream.

In this regard, Tung Kun is at the forefront. It is understood that In 2012, Tong Kun's listing and raising investment project - Jiaxing Petrochemical's annual output of 800 thousand tons of PTA was officially put into trial production stage. Tung Kun took the first step towards the upstream, opened a new era of development, and once again demonstrated the ambition of Tong Kun to "build a century old enterprise".

In 2015, Tung Kun again extended to the upstream industry chain, participating in Zhejiang Petrochemical's annual output of 40 million tons of refining and chemical integration project, and in 2017 will hold 20% stake into the listing sector. The project is implemented in two phases, with a scale of 20 million tons / year oil refining, 5 million 200 thousand tons / year aromatics, 1 million 400 thousand tons / year ethylene and downstream chemical plants, of which 20 million tons of refining and chemical plant started in May this year. Commissioning.

In April 2018, the new strategic layout of Tong Kun Lazi, Lujiang, Anhui, was planned for the production of ethylene glycol from coal. It was out of the key step towards the second core raw materials of polyester filament. Under the condition that the technology of coal making ethylene glycol has been mature, technology has lower material consumption, lower unit investment cost, higher safety, better product quality and better economy, the construction of coal glycol project is more conducive to play the vertical integration superiority of upstream and downstream industry chain, reduce the risk of raw material procurement market, optimize the layout of industrial space, enhance the development potential of enterprises, and enhance the comprehensive competitiveness.

The process of industrial chain integration is accelerating. In terms of layout of new projects, Tong Kun first started the industry to achieve PTA- integrated design of polyester filament, and realized the integrated production of raw material PX to polyester filament production, inspection, automatic drop packaging, warehousing and warehousing, effectively reducing the intermediate links, improving production efficiency and intensive land use level, reducing the staff and improving efficiency and comprehensive utilization of resources.

While strengthening and strengthening the main business of polyester filament and radiating from the center of the main industry, Tong Kun is making steady progress towards the upstream. At present, the layout of the whole industry chain has been basically formed.

March to "hundred years Tong Kun"

Where does the value of enterprise come from?

In this regard, Buffett once gave a description of a "moat", that is, in a certain field to establish a strong defensive advantage, in order to counter the opponent's attack, that is, the so-called competitive fortress.

Through its continuous exploration and practice in intelligent manufacturing, green energy saving, technological innovation and industrial chain collaboration, Tong Kun has been fully built. Fully automatic integrated automatic factory, unmanned factory and black light workshop And actively extend to the upstream, open up the whole industrial chain from PX-PTA- polyester filament, and truly achieve high quality.

There is no doubt that this is the "moat" built by Tung Kun and has its competitive fortress.

Tong Kun is well aware that at any time and under any background, no matter which industry it is engaged in, it will achieve good returns only by being dedicated and extreme, so as to stand out and seize the initiative in the fierce market competition. Just as HUAWEI has done its focus and perfection, it can grasp the initiative of competition in the face of the interruption of technical cooperation abroad.

The rise of great powers calls for more and more Chinese brands to become bigger and stronger. As the "WAL-MART" of China's polyester filament industry, 38 years have passed. A silk like polyester fiber runs through the development of Tong Kun, linking hundreds of millions of people's necessities. "To do the work of fiber, to benefit the nation and to count the people's livelihood", to create a hundred years of Tong Kun, has become the cry and aspiration of all the Tong Kun people.

In the future, Tung Kun will take the dream and faith of "dream catcher" to fulfill the mission and responsibility of "dream chaser", and continue to aim at the dream and goal of "all industrial chain enterprises", "advanced chemical fiber manufacturing enterprises" and "green intelligent enterprises", so as to realize the overall development of enterprises. And this "moat" will be a powerful barrier for the overall development of Tong Kun.
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