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2019 Autumn Winter Women's Wear Color Super Super Super!

2019/9/18 16:26:00 101

2019 Autumn And Winter Women's Clothing Color Trend2019 Autumn Winter Women's Fashion TrendWomen's Fashion Color

In the twinkling of an eye, it was discovered that in 2019, half a year passed, but I did not seem to have done anything.

At this time, it's time to change the colors that are popular in the second half of 2019 and tell you about changing summer clothes.

Then how to dress in autumn to make mistakes? Color is really important!

Today, I came up with the 2019 autumn and winter color report released by Pantone, the global authority of color X-Rite.

This report provides 12 popular colors of autumn and winter. There are bright colors and dark colors, and there is always a way to make you heartbeat.

If you only hear the word "pop" two times, do you want to cut your hand with the wind?

If so, I advise you to calm down first. You should know that not every color in 2019 is suitable for wearing upper body, so today Xiaobian also selects a few more suitable for us to say ha.

Beeswax powder

This year's popular color, pink has also attracted much attention, it is because the color is too... Too young girl heart, compared with other pink, this has added a lot of grayish beeswax powder, a lot of high sense.

In the autumn and winter seasons, pink adds vitality and color, bringing a touch of liveliness and playiness.

This pale pink will not be too cute, but also has the taste of elegant women, easy to give people a good closeness, but the feeling of perfect temperament.

If you wear a shirt normally, if you choose pink, you will instantly experience a rich lady's breath.

  Stove red

The color of red is more autumn and winter, and it is not only very eye-catching, but also very clear, showing the air field. Wearing this beautiful red, or moving or static, can make you the most dazzling existence.

This bright color is actually more suitable for warm skin, which is very friendly to our yellow skins.

If you feel that you can't wear the baby, you can avoid it at the neckline.

There are little locution that large areas of red will wear out, and they can also be decorated with small areas.

Forest formation

Forest is the most mysterious and dreamy color in green and green. It is a gift from nature, hidden in the dense forests of the mountains and the depths of the ocean. It is pure and fragile, and it is deeply dreamy.

If summer is not enough to be green enough, try "forest color".

Green not only represents the shade of spring and summer, but also represents the deep and deep autumn.

Ocean blue

If you want to grab the C position on the multicolored color plate, you need to have a cool and mild blue. The ocean blue is slightly more saturated than the sky blue, but it is not so gorgeous as the treasure blue. It has magical and lovely power.

The combination of black and ocean blue is a killer of elegance. It is suggested that when choosing such a combination, the blue lightness can be slightly higher and avoid being too depressed by the black.

It itself is very suitable for everyday colors, and it can make you stand out in all kinds of life without any effort.

According to my observation, most people's clothing problems appear in color matching. As long as you choose the right color, the matching style is half done. Because color is the first thing to enter the visual, so when buying clothes or matching, you should first consider whether the color is correct.

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