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Fun And Safety, The Fifteenth Shanghai Socks Fair Protects Baby's Personal Needs.

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Shanghai Socks Fair

With the liberalization of the second child policy and the improvement of the quality of life, people have higher expectations and requirements for parenting. It is estimated that the total consumption of children's clothing market in China will be around RMB 108 billion 600 million yuan by 2020. Since the children's wear industry started late, the market began to pay more attention to the "children's socks" and other small children's clothing areas in recent years, thus stimulating the huge market potential.

Sponsored by Ai Teyi (Asia) Exhibition Co., Ltd., Shanghai Song Hua Exhibition planning Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Shanghai Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., the Shanghai international hosiery Procurement Fair (referred to as Shanghai stocking fair CHPE) will be held on March 2020 2-4 in Shanghai Expo exhibition hall for 15 days. "Baby socks" will be one of the most important exhibition categories in this event. The exhibition will bring together excellent manufacturers, brands, distributors and traders from all over the world, focusing on achieving business cooperation between brand distribution, overseas export, OEM processing and so on. It is the first exhibition and exchange platform in the industry.

Because of the physiological characteristics of baby, baby socks should not only satisfy comfort, but also be fun and safety, and hope it is the carrier of parent child interaction. But the complexity of design, manufacture and raw materials is more complicated than that of adult socks. The diversity of patterns and patterns has higher requirements for knitting technology. At the same time, in order to protect children's delicate skin, most socks will be made of pure cotton, pure silk or wool, which also makes enterprises often pay more cost and manpower. And dyes should also be safe and non-toxic. This shows that we have to have a better standard for baby socks, and we must have higher standards in design, raw materials and manufacturing.

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At the same time, the fifteenth Shanghai stocking fair organizer will join the sisters exhibition again 2020 Shanghai international lifestyle underwear exhibition and 2020 Shanghai international hat scarf gloves exhibition and fashion show, three platforms will be held together in two different venues at the same time. At that time, "baby socks", "baby cap", "children's underwear" and "children gloves" and other related products will be displayed on the same stage to jointly promote the children's clothing industry in China. The exhibition will always take the B2B business exhibition as the core. When the 3 day event is held, the total exhibition will reach 40000 square meters. It will usher in 800 exhibitors and some 20000 spectators, and enjoy the latest trend and high-end technology of the socks industry. It will bring you an industry feast.

To grasp business opportunities and understand the latest information, we can visit the official website of the exhibition, consult the media and spectators:

Shanghai Ai Ge Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

Tel: +86-21-61198285

Mailbox: chpe.visitor@ite-gehua.com

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