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Nantong Textile Industry Helps Xinjiang Help Yining Strong Counties Enrich The People

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"I set a goal for myself. I will be the Minister of quality control in the factory in three years."

"After a few more years of work, I want to buy a house and buy a car."

"Earn more money and send children to school in the county"...

On the 16 day at the Xinjiang Yining County Light Textile Industrial Park Investment Promotion Conference held in Tong, a feature film entitled "struggle" left a deep impression on the participants.

Before the lens, these smiling faces and visions of the future are all from the Yining Textile Industrial Park in Xinjiang.

Yining County light textile industrial zone is the ninth batch of Nantong's support for Yining. At present, the park has invested nearly 2 billion yuan, and has built nearly 450 thousand square meters of various factories and ancillary facilities, 10 enterprises and more than 4500 jobs. It has become a new engine to promote local economic development and enrich the people.

Transplant Nantong's industrial advantages

"It is our work goal to cultivate an advantageous industry for the recipient." Zhang Hua, deputy secretary of the Yining county Party committee and head of Nantong Yuanjiang working group, said that according to the idea of "building a large platform, developing large industries, promoting large employment and achieving great stability", our city has been committed to integrating the industry with the promotion of employment.

Nantong is the most famous textile town in the country. It ranks among the three largest home textile production bases in the world and the ten largest garment export base in the country, and owns the largest home textile professional market in China. "Home textile is a traditional advantageous industry in Nantong, but in recent years, it is also facing many contradictions such as difficulty recruiting, high operating cost and fierce competition in the industry. Upgrading or transferring is imminent." Zhu Jun, chief executive officer of Yili weft Textile Technology Co., Ltd., said that under this situation, the advantages of Yining county's human resources and policies are particularly prominent.

In Zhang Hua's view, the biggest pain spot in the development of Nantong's textile industry is precisely the advantage of Yining. Since the second central Xinjiang work forum, the state and the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region have issued a series of industrial support policies and special preferential policies to promote Xinjiang's textile and garment industry to promote employment. Located in the northwestern border of Yili, Yining county is not only an important node in the core area of the Silk Road Economic Belt, but also the fifth largest population in Xinjiang and the largest population in the northern Xinjiang. It has convenient transportation and abundant natural and human resources.

"We have calculated an account. The overall cost advantage of the products in Yining is very obvious." Zhu Jun said that the development of textile industry in Xinjiang now has eight major policy subsidies, such as freight subsidy, preferential tariff, cotton and viscose fiber subsidies, and employment subsidies, which will largely save business costs for enterprises.

After fully studying the actual economic development of Nantong and Yining, the Nantong Yuanjiang working group will cast its sights on the textile industry, take advantage of the realistic advantages of the mature industrial chain of Nantong textile town, fully tap the potential advantages of Yining's transportation location, labor resources and other production factors, integrate Xinjiang's policy advantages, and build a strong textile industry area with strong county and rich people.

Building industry to support Xinjiang

Walk into the home textile and garment industrial park of Yining County, the layout of functional areas such as processing, production, logistics, market transaction, life supporting and so on is clear and reasonable, with convenient traffic and clean environment.

Yining County light textile industrial zone is a "one district, two gardens" pattern, and the two garden is Yining home textile and garment industrial park and Yining County weaving industrial park. "The two industrial parks are supported by the Nantong Yuanjiang working group responsible for the positioning, development concept, industrial planning, investment operation and other related work." Zhang Hua said that the planning, construction and operation of industrial parks all showed a high level.

The home textile and garment industrial park was put into use in July 2017, and has been settled in new Iran three run, Sai Hui fashion, Zhuo Wan clothing and other enterprises. The two phase of the project will have enterprise entry conditions by the end of October this year. According to the plan, after the completion of the home textile and garment industrial park, 50 enterprises will be stationed, with an annual output value exceeding 5 billion yuan, and over 30 thousand jobs will be absorbed.

The weaving industry park mainly relies on the weaving industry transfer in Rudong county. The first phase of the project was launched in early June 2017, and the main works of the plant and auxiliary facilities have been completed and delivered in 2019. Mao Guoping, President of Rudong Textile Industry Association, took part in the construction of the industrial park. He said that weaving industry to Yining is a win-win choice. "On the one hand, we contribute to the economic development of Yining. On the other hand, enterprises have also got greater room for development".

In January last year, the Federation of China textile industry awarded the title of "national textile industrial transfer pilot park" in Yining textile industry area. The goal of Nantong Yuanjiang workers is to strive to build Yining county's light textile industrial zone into the largest industrial aid base in the state, the largest employment base in Xinjiang and the largest grey production base in the country through three to five years.

Start the engine of strong county and enriching people

The machine is roaring, the silver line is flying, and the textile workers are shuttling between the machines. Xinjiang Hua Shu Textile Technology Co., Ltd. is currently the largest textile enterprise in Yining textile industry area. Chen Minjie, chairman of the company, said that after the company was fully put into operation, 2400 local people could be employed.

In August 15, 2017, the first batch of 1805 farmers and herdsmen in Yining turned around and entered the home textile and garment industrial park to become a modern industrial worker.

The 22 year old Uygur girl, soapy, is now an old man working in the park. She was one of the first employees who worked in Yili's finna clothing company limited. "I already have more than 20 thousand yuan of deposits." The girl is proud to say that through her own efforts, she can help her father now.

"With the strong support of Nantong's aid to Xinjiang, we seize the policy opportunity of the state to support Xinjiang's development of the textile and garment industry, and promote the county's efforts to promote the construction of Yining Textile Industrial Zone platform, and the textile and garment industry of Yining county has begun to take shape." Adley Maimaiti, deputy secretary of the Yining county Party committee and county magistrate, said that the development of the industry has not only promoted the economic development of Yining, but also provided a new way for the local people to get rid of poverty and increase their income.

Yining county Party committee and county government work together with the Yuanjiang working group to work hard in the field of labor employment training. At the beginning of the opening of the home textile and garment industrial park, all the 20 township cadres in the county entered the village to enter the household and publicize the recruitment related situations. In the county, teachers were also deployed to carry out 10 days of training in various places, so as to prepare farmers and herdsmen to change their identity.

On the 16 day of the investment promotion conference, Haian polytechnic school and Yining county government signed a cooperative school running agreement. "We need to take advantage of the experience of Haian textile and clothing specialty in secondary vocational schools, give full play to the role of Yining county vocational high school, and train business management talents, professional and technical personnel and industrial workers into the park enterprises to effectively solve the employment needs of enterprises." Adley Maimaiti said.

"Yining County light textile industrial zone is a demonstration garden of Jiangsu province and even the whole country." Tao Qingsong, standing committee member and deputy governor of Yili State Party committee, said that with the strong support of Nantong, the park has been adhering to the "first-class concept, first-class planning, first-class construction and first-class mechanism", and has become the highland of Yili textile and garment industry, and will soon be upgraded to the "core" of Yili textile industry area.

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