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Trend Of Printing 2020 Spring And Summer Trend Forecast: Submarine Treasure

2019/9/18 16:29:00 181

2020 Spring And Summer Women'S Wear Trend2020 Spring And Summer Fashion TrendPrinting Trend

2020 the trend prediction of spring and summer is also mentioned. Each brand draws inspiration from marine treasures and marine organisms, and the studio reshapes the enduring biological printing, integrating all kinds of marine life patterns into printing.

Colorful corals, exotic fish and marine creatures seem to be free to wander in the custom print of the spaced array. They are full of fun and can not help but think of holiday beaches and shallow seas. Watercolor graphics make seahorses, shells and pebbles look more beautiful and delicate, and are suitable for children's wear and women's wear.

(above photo source: WGSN)

Shell and lobster are the key patterns, especially in the category of children's clothing. The last season's exquisite chain pattern was replaced by the simple rope design, updated stripes and grid patterns, which is perfect for sailing new products for holiday consumers.

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