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Li Xian September Blockbuster Online, The 6 Sets Of Models Are Not As Tight As Tights.

2019/9/18 16:34:00 3

Li Xian

Speaking of this summer's red male artist, I believe Li's name must be mentioned. Although many years ago, Li's sense of existence has not been strong enough. Until the wonderful performance of "river god", he has greatly improved his sense of existence. And this summer, Lee has become a national male God by virtue of a dear love. He even has the title of "July boyfriend."

And because of playing a part of the Korean Commercial in "dear love", all kinds of resources that Lee has successfully exploded are becoming more and more important. Not only have all kinds of programs spread olive branches to him, but also new movies have been directly launched online, and even after the red explosion, Li's magazines are already numerous. No, recently, a new set of blockbusters has been launched. This time, Li now is even changing 6 sets of shapes, which is also very bright.

The first is Lee's present woolen sweater, cigarette purple sweater with loose white trousers, a long hair messy, and Li is handsome as a sunny boy.

The same is the sweater modelling, Li now this black Snoopy pattern sweater collocation with Li now black picture frame, the entire person is really young feels full. Although all of this year's 27 year old Li is also regarded as a big old man, especially in the drama, he is also an old cadre figure. But in real life, Lee is really a beautiful boy in this sweater.

In addition, the shape of this dark green sweater is also very texture. In fact, the summer is over and the autumn and winter season is about to begin. The style of Li now is actually very suitable for autumn and winter. There is a gentle and literary style. This style is also a contrast in our accustomed drama.

Of course, the collocation of black windbreaker and shirt is also very classic, and the big long legged boy like Li now is really not afraid of windbreaker control at all. 185cm

The collocation of shirt and tie is actually more rigid, but matching windbreaker is more obvious attitude and personality. Li is now in such a shape, the whole person is more free and easy, and has a kind of unexpected noble youth temperament.

Of course, the powder brown suit suit is more elegant in Li Xing. It has to be said that Li Xing's fashion plasticity is still very high. In fact, this set of styles has its own style, but Li now is perfectly digested, each with its own characteristics.

However, even though he has changed 6 sets of magazines, he is not even more ready for his tights. You see, now that Li is wearing a tight fitting shirt and a cap, the whole body is good enough to have no friends. Plus hand holding basketball, sports boy is not wrong!

How do you look at the 6 sets of shapes this time? What kind of shape do you like better now?

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