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Ying Er Is Going To Hang Up After Her Mother'S Life. Is This The Consequence Of Losing Weight?

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Ying Er

Figure control is a skill that must be mastered for a star. Many stars, whether in daily life or in various kinds of art, can always see the stars' control over their figure, whether they are on diet or sports, sometimes they even control their weight after two decimal places. This shows how high the stars are for their bodies. Among such stars, such a star is considered to be relatively fat when she is on her debut. Then she fought her life to lose weight, thereby changing her face value and getting love and all kinds of fashion resources.

This star netizens should not be unfamiliar, that is the actress Ying Er. In many female stars, Ying Er is not the best resource, but it can be said that it is very happy. Ying Er and her husband get acquainted with each other in the variety show, so that they marry and have children. Ying Er and Fu Xinbo's love is realized in the testimonies of netizens. Ying Er's life after marriage seems to be like hanging up. All kinds of variety and fashion resources can be said to be soft. Recently, Ying Er's latest fashion pictorial style is exposed.

This time, Ying Er's feeling is a handsome feeling. In the shape of the dirty plait, Ying Er is still more suitable. It feels like Ying Er is walking on the same family as caffeine, which makes people feel addicted. This time, Ying Er's dirty braided shape is a bit like a potted plant, a ponytail tied by a small twist of braid, plus a special eyeglasses worn by Ying Er, and a pale blue eye shadow liner.

Ying Er's clothing design is all dark effect, because it is necessary to match the dirty braids, so the clothing modeling box is also correct. Ying Er is wearing a black shoulder knitted sweater, and the black dress is tight fitting effect. It can also outline the shape of Ying Er's figure. But on the choice of trousers, Ying Er's trousers are not very tuned. The black and white color grid pants are combined with the wild pattern of leopard print. Under such trousers, with a pair of black short boots, the shape is not as fashionable as imagined.

In fact, for dark black clothes, it is better to simply draw a little bit more. If you want those exaggerated elements, you can add exaggerated earrings on your ears just like Ying Er, so that you will make your modeling a bit more advanced. The gold square ear earrings and black clothing look more appropriate, although the earrings are exaggerated, but fortunately, Ying Er's clothes are relatively simple.

Ying Er was dressed in Black Loose vest and dressed in order to echo Ying Er's accessories, so he added a lot of gold silk in the English language. Under the black vest, Ying Er's lower body was matched with dark trousers, loose trousers had the effect of wide leg pants, and the waist's form also showed Ying Er's waist. With the sense of bone on the clavicle, it could be imagined how low the weight of Ying Er was. The success of the "desperately" weight loss after Ying Er was obvious to all, though it was a bit too thin, but it really belonged to the cosmetic type of weight loss.

In contrast, when Ying Er hadn't had a big weight loss in the early years, Ying Er looked very mellow when he was smiling. When his face was smiling, the double chin was more obvious. Even though Ying Er was wearing a black dress, Ying Er appeared to be more bloated. The round collar dress plus black gauze, though Ying Er's figure was still thin, but he still had a little chubby taste compared with the present.

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