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Joy&Peace Continues To Dream And Has One Hundred Possible JOY Amusement Parks.

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What kind of dreams have you had on a merry go round? What kind of wishes have you made on the ferris wheel? It seems that every girl has a dreamy amusement park scene. Their amusement parks are like a huge castle with beautiful magic, with sparkling neon, lovely Trojan horses, shining Ferris wheels, rotating windmills, pink candy houses, and all kinds of beautiful and treasured emotions that are placed everywhere. It's so beautiful that it is only time and life that they gradually forget. nowadays Joy&Peace Let them all become reality and lead you into a dream world.

This fall Joy&Peace I built a pink fantasy JOY amusement park for you, and officially opened in three cities in Chengdu, Shanghai and Shenzhen on September 17th, 24 -10.

The JOY amusement park is inspired by the dream factory, the exquisite workmanship of the surreal reduction of Joy&Peace, the dreamy immersive space scene, and the beauty of the dream of every piece of work. Here is a wonderful journey to let you discover more exquisite shoes and get more romantic and wonderful sensory experience.

Ding Dong! Please check a preemptive version of the JOY amusement park guide.


Happy garden

Colorful lights

Gorgeous decoration with dreamy colors

Create a beautiful fairy tale world.

Take you into the wonderful journey of heaven and earth.

Rotating the disc, moving up and down the clouds.

Shoes feel the wonderful journey like a happy fairy.

Bring you into heaven of laughter and dreams.

Will lead you into a fairy tale garden of Eden.

Experiencing unique dreams and romance


Fantasia for shoes

This is a secret entrance to a dream adventure.

Passing through another dream in an instant

Barren wilderness

Vast cliffs

Floating balloons

In the changing world of novelty

Feel the change of shoes in the endless variety of earth art.

Color will awaken your memory.

The beautiful moment will float into your mind immediately.


Adventures of fantasy

Immersive pink paradise

Fairy tale neon dream color

Encounter a beautiful fairy tale world

The shoes "ride the sightseeing cable car to tour the whole JOY amusement park".

Like a dream, crossing the tunnel of time

Tour in Wonderland

And you will have such wonderful encounters.


Rafting belt Tour

When you are in a wonderful world of amusement parks

You will find

Shoes also start their own journey.

In the form of circular transmission

Shuttling in amusement parks

There are dreamy scenes everywhere.

Bring you some other visual experience.


Mystical kaleidoscope

Joy&Peace kaleidoscope world

Sharing the beauty and fun of kaleidoscope form

Light and color composition

Rotation, interweaving, and whirling

It seems to involve you in fairy tale world.

Show you the world of Joy&Peace kaleidoscope.

In addition to offline flash shops, Joy&Peace in order to convey this beauty to more people, specially produced a "explore JOY amusement park" cool running game. Search official WeChat to open H5 game Together with Liyan Tong, a fantastic JOY amusement park! Fingers gently touch, you can easily jump across the amusement park, while collecting beautiful shoes and gold coins, and have the opportunity to get a surprise gift!

JOY amusement park waiting for you to punch cards, September 17th -9 22 days, JOY amusement park first stop landing at Chengdu KELONG Wangfujing shopping center, in addition, the other two cities also opened in turn, October 1st -10 7, Shanghai, Hesheng shopping mall, October 18th, -10 24, Shenzhen, one square city shopping center.

All the good looking people have taken pictures. What are you waiting for?

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