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Store Managers Use Wechat Drainage To Increase Store Sales Rate By 30%.

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Now attracting customers with WeChat is getting more and more popular. Many shopkeeper and shopping guide have begun to add WeChat to customers through various ways. But I often hear people complain that their WeChat adds a lot of customers, but the effect of publicity is not good. There are not many customers who actually consume WeChat through the store.

The reason for this problem is that the store manager did not make good use of his own micro signals. If you think that using WeChat is to send some friends circle every day, this idea is absolutely wrong.

  To build personal micro signals, we should start with these four aspects:

1., improve personal information once again.

WeChat personal information includes head, WeChat, signature, home page background and so on.

So the shopkeeper must proceed from these four details to modify and perfect WeChat personal information.

In the head part, do not use the photos of the store directly or the picture of the product as the head. This will give the customer a sense of distance.

In the name part of WeChat, do not use biased, difficult and strange words as WeChat names. It is best to use: name (nickname) + store name, for example: Xiao Li - fresh fruit every day. In this way, customers can easily distinguish.

The signature of the shopkeeper can be combined with the store. For example, the owner of the fresh fruit shop will provide the most assured fruit for the customers at the most favorable price.

The background of the home page, the background of the home page can be a store photo or a picture of the product. But the photo needs to be beautifully photographed, because the background of the home page is a good place to display the store and product. It must leave the first feeling of exquisite and comfortable for the customer.

2. good quality circle of friends

To create personal micro signals, in addition to modifying and perfecting WeChat personal information, another important aspect is to learn to make friends circle correctly.

WeChat's personal information reflects the external image of the brand. The content of the circle of friends reflects the intrinsic pursuit of the store manager or shopping guide.

If the circle of friends can impress customers, customers will choose to follow you for a long time. So think carefully about the circle of friends you want to publish every day.

On time schedule, try to choose friends circle at 8 a.m., 11-12 noon and 8-10 o'clock in the evening. Because customers prefer to see friends in these time points, it is easier to see your content.

It must not be a product advertisement, or customers will be disgusted with you in a few days.

The contents of the publication are as follows:

30% of the contents of the product related information;

30% of the contents of the professional content, such as women's wear can send some wear experience, fashion color and so on.

20% of daily life.

20%, some funny jokes.

In this way, customers will be more friendly when they see your circle of friends, and will feel that you have interesting life, professionalism and connotation. In the long run, customers will really treat you as a good friend of WeChat.

3. make good use of the "advertising bits" of good friends.

As we all know, when you make friends circle, you can choose to position. This positioning can be edited by yourself, so you can take the opportunity to let him be your little advertising bit.

For example, "the latest summer 42% off", maybe when customers brush their friends circle, the text pictures are too fast to see carefully, but they are caught by this "advertising bit".

There are second hidden ads, most of which are often used.

If you just build a group, often in the group activities, red envelopes, red packets on the text is a key advertising location, "Congratulations, fortune," to change the title of the activities you want to do, so that when you grab red packets, first of all you see the activities you are doing, successfully attracted attention and interaction.

4. classify your friends regularly.

Customer classification management is very important for the operation of stores, and the correct classification of customers can take targeted marketing methods accordingly.

WeChat friends classification is also the same, careful classification, regular maintenance. Specific criteria can be divided into the following criteria:

1. Key member customers, bid A;

2, customers who only consume when they are active, bid B;

3, consumers who have spent the most recent period (one month or three months) have not reconsumed, bid C;

4, WeChat has consulted products, but has not been to the consumer, D.

At the same time, you can use WeChat's tag function to mark every customer and clearly see the specific characteristics of each customer.

After the customer classification is completed, we can track and maintain different types of customers and develop different marketing methods to drive consumption.

It is not easy to build WeChat personal number, but it is worth every manager to think about it.

The micro signal will be more perfect, and the customers will have better impression on the store. Finally, the effect will be better if WeChat is used for drainage.

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