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Setting Up Market Confidence And Building China'S Quality Image: The Twenty-Second China Textile And Clothing Trade Exhibition (Paris) Curtain Opening

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China Textile And Apparel Trade ExhibitionParis

Paris local time on September 16th, as the implementation platform of the Ministry of Commerce's "independent brand export growth action plan", the twenty-second China Textile and clothing trade exhibition (Paris) and Paris international clothing and apparel Procurement Exhibition (CTAF/APP Paris) (hereinafter referred to as "autumn Paris Exhibition") is a grand opening in Paris's Boge Exhibition Center.

This autumn Paris exhibition is jointly sponsored by the China Textile Industry Federation, the textile industry branch of China Council for the promotion of international trade and the Frankfurt Exhibition (France) Limited.

The autumn Paris exhibition was held in conjunction with Texworld, Avantex, Leatherworld, Shawls & Scarves and Texworld Denim Paris. Common origin Garment and fabric exhibitors in 33 countries and regions including Mainland China, Hongkong, Turkey, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Ethiopia and Kampuchea. Concentrated appearance, among them More than 1100 exhibitors in China 。 The exhibition will last until September 19th.

This year is the third year of the Paris exhibition as the platform of the Ministry of Commerce's "independent brand export growth action plan". In the past three years, under the impetus of the plan, many excellent Chinese independent brands have developed from maturity to maturity. They not only display the brand value and connotation loaded by the cultural level and enterprise level in the European industry in a positive and confident way, but also provide a more diversified choice for European market and consumers. Through the implementation of the "independent brand export growth action plan", China's textile and garment industry shows and publicize Chinese textile and apparel independent brands from the national and industrial level, which has extremely important guiding significance for the development of China's textile and garment overseas market.

Grinding quality increases core competitiveness

The European market has always been one of the key overseas markets of domestic textile and garment enterprises. Even in 2019, under the influence of many uncertain factors in the international market environment, many European customers still said they would not stop cooperation with Chinese enterprises, which also strengthened the confidence of Chinese enterprises in developing the international market.

In this autumn's Paris exhibition, China's own brand exhibition area: Jiangsu red beans, Dalian pan Rui, di Shang Group, Ningbo Nei Kai, Meng Di Group, Ningbo height, Ai Mei Group, Beijing textile, Ji'nan head knitting And so on, 15 independent brands of China, with their own design, excellent quality and flexible supply chain, have broken the old labor intensive impression in one fell swoop and set up a new image for China's manufacturing and China's quality.

Independent design and quality grinding are one of the ways to enhance core competitiveness of brands. Abandoning the production of mechanical production and insisting on the pure handmade suit of Nikky, originated from the dream of the founder of Zhou Huiming, the best suit in China. The technology is superior to that of Europe's most high-end men's wear brand. Red bean, an old clothing company, also focuses on product design and research and development. Qian Yajuan, Minister of the foreign trade department of the red bean group, said: "under the influence of the international environment, the market has put forward higher requirements for enterprises. However, for red beans, this is not only a pressure, but also a driving force. Red beans are actively upgrading their competitiveness and passing on the essence of Chinese culture by constantly adjusting their product mix and developing clothing products with high added value.

In addition, many production enterprises such as the di Shang Group and the head of knitwear are upgrading their competitiveness through optimizing the supply chain.

Attracting new and old exhibitors to stick together

According to the 2018 annual report of the European textile and clothing association 2018, the total consumption of household textiles and clothing in the 28 EU countries reached 520 billion euros in 2018. The EU is the second largest textile and clothing export area after China, accounting for 23% and 28% of global sales in these two sectors. The EU market is an important export market for Chinese textile and garment enterprises. As an important channel for Chinese textile and garment enterprises to open up the European market, Paris exhibition has become a platform recognized by enterprises and the mainstream European business community through its professionalism and diversification advantages. In the current international market environment full of uncertainties, many Chinese textile and garment enterprises have also expressed their determination to stick to the platform and expand the EU market.

This autumn Paris exhibition exhibits a repetition rate of 45%, from Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Fujian, Guangdong, Shandong, Shanghai, Liaoning, Hebei, Anhui, Anhui, Anhui, and so on.

The Guangdong (France) trade fair, supported by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Commerce, is held in the exhibition. More than 40 representative enterprises from Guangdong province have concentrated on clothing products, fabric accessories, leather goods and bags, etc., showing a new image of Guangdong textile which is coexisting with strength and vitality to the European market.

With the gradual growth of Paris's tooling industry in recent years, the market demand for products is more and more vigorous. Therefore, this Paris exhibition has increased the Vet'lmage (Tooling) category display. The audience can see the new display space according to All about her, Fashion Accessories, Intimate, Kids, Knitted, Service, Sports & Leisure, Sports, and so on, and can directly feel the experience of convenient and efficient viewing and exhibition brought by the adjustment of exhibition area.

Promoting international cooperation

The European textile and apparel market has very strict standards and requirements for environmental protection and sustainable development. According to the annual report of the European textile and clothing association 2018, in 2018, the European textile and Garment Association and its member enterprises did a lot of work in the environmental protection and sustainable development of the textile and garment industry, and set up a traceability working group of the European textile and Garment Association, which has set strict technical standards for products, raw materials origin, sources, chemical dyeing agents compliance, and so on. Therefore, in the current situation of environmental protection, small batch, special technology and differentiated selection as the new round of procurement trend, Chinese textile and garment enterprises are also actively responding to the environmental protection policy. In this exhibition, more than 200 enterprises have obtained environmental certification. They have passed the WRAP global garment production responsibility organization, DISNEY certification, GMP certification, HBI certification, ISO9001 international quality management system, ISO14001 international environmental management system, OHSAS18001 international occupational health and safety system certification.

It is worth noting that in recent years, production enterprises have been actively carrying out supply chain optimization to respond quickly to small batch and lots of orders. In this exhibition, the number of production exhibitors with a quantity below 100 pieces has also increased, which has exceeded 100. It can be seen that in the process of developing the market, the ability of rapid response and upgrading of product structure is increasing year by year.

In addition, with the growth of Paris exhibition, the number of exhibitors is increasing year by year. The butterfly effect caused by this trend makes the attraction of exhibition more and more strong for service providers. This Paris exhibition has attracted 20 service providers, including publishers, packaging providers, trend research rooms, procurement platforms, consulting service providers, and so on. It has enriched the connotation of the exhibition while extending all the service providers to the fashion industry.

During the Paris exhibition, there will also be a number of summit events and fashion publishing activities. The forum will focus on how to purchase clothing products, clothing and clothing market from Vietnam. Show side, from China, Exhibitors in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Kampuchea, Ethiopia and other countries during the four day exhibition continued to bring wonderful feature releases.

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