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It Is A Hard Truth For The Garment Industry To Endure Hardships And Strive For Perfection.

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Hai Lan'S Home

"Throwing wives" is false, and revolution is real.


What is the purpose behind the sale?

Yes, the home of Hai Lan finally cut down the women's clothing business.

The total transfer price is 382 million, and its beloved rabbit dress has been established for nine years, and has not yet gone public. "Men's Wardrobe", after all, "can not pretend" women's clothing.

On the surface, it seems to be throwing arms at a broken arm, but behind it is a shrewd business logic.

Some people say, cut down well, look at all these years, and make men's clothes all the same. You still have the energy to develop women's clothing, children's clothing and furniture life hall. Some people say, can't do it at last? Want men and women to eat together, and a bowl of water will be difficult.

Tucao GUI Tucao, once good and bad are no longer important, it is important that today's move is steady or dangerous chess, after the stripping of women's clothing will have how to develop, this is worthy of attention and expectation.

Today, instead of talking about the women who wear them, I will not talk about whether they will shine or not.

   01 rational stop, long line fishing.

As one of the three major brands of Harean's home, AI Ju rabbit has been positioned as a popular fashion women's wear brand. Since its establishment in 2010, however, the average single store operating income of "Ai Ju rabbit" has been decreasing year by year due to the influence of market factors such as the slowdown of the popular dress and the decentralization of the market.

In spite of the middle income, the income of AI Ju rabbit was 1 billion 98 million in 2018, accounting for only 5.7% of the total revenue.

And according to the data, AI Ju rabbit is still in the brand investment period. After the brand is transferred, it is expected to enhance the profitability of the listed company and reduce the risk of business fluctuation.

Therefore, it seems that "throwing wives" is false, and the rectification of revolution is true.

Temporary stripping can not only stop losses in time, but also make the big structure more stable and enhance, and focus more on the cultivation and adjustment of other businesses.

  02 clean up the line. Good steel is on the knife edge.

On the surface, it gave up women's clothing, but in fact it was not completely abandoned, but more diversified.

Through mergers and acquisitions, children's clothing brands, boys and girls, and Ying Shi have been expanded. They have bred Hai Lan optimization, light luxury women's clothing OVV, young brand black whale and other new luxury brands through self-cultivation.

At the same time, when many brands in the country are still beating the tide of the national tide and brand cross-border, Hai Lan has already extended its tentacles overseas.

It is reported that its main brand, Hai Lan, works together with the luxury brand OVV and the young brand black whale to go abroad. Currently, there are 46 overseas stores, which are distributed in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan and other places, achieving 54 million revenue, up 134% over the same period last year.

Therefore, we can see that its brand strategy is very clear, and the trend of multi brand internationalization is becoming clearer.

Stripping and rectifying the cost business, increasing the cultivation of the existing new brands, while cleaning up the busy line, we should keep good steel on the knife edge, constantly improve the efficiency of resource allocation, and further enhance the brand competitiveness and profitability of the company.

03 team activation, fat water does not flow to outsiders.

Speaking of which, I had to mention the love of rabbit.

Hulan transferred 66% of the share of the beloved rabbit dress to Zhao Fangwei, executive director and general manager of AI Ju rabbit Garments Co., Ltd. (resigned from the board of directors of Hai Lan in September 15th); 19% of the shares were transferred to Hai Lan investment (Hai Lan investment was a wholly owned subsidiary of Hai LAN's home company); the remaining 15% was transferred to the joint management (99% of the management was held by Zhao Fangwei).

So you can see that Hai Lan's home is actually transferring the controlling shares to the core manager and management team of the brand.

Because Zhao Fangwei, chief executive officer, has been executive director and general manager of Jiangyin AI Ju rabbit Garments Co., Ltd. since August 2010. He served as director of Hai Lan home in September 15th March 25, 2015 -2019.

So, on the one hand, it is to control operation cost and business risk. On the other hand, it is an incentive to the core managers and management team of AI rabbit. Of course, the most important thing is to get back to the capital and focus on developing its core competitive brand, laying a solid foundation for the next stage of mutual development.


Big cards are not stable. How can small cards survive?

Therefore, from Hai Lan's rectifying action, the development is not always smooth, with a total market value of about 38 billion, and single stock has been hovering between 8 yuan --10 yuan from the beginning of 19 years.

Looking at other fast fashion brands again, there are new moves lately.

According to the news, the Swedish brand H&M and the US brand GAP will also test the water leasing business in the late autumn of this year.

Although the clothing leasing business is no novelty, many domestic garment leasing APP has already been launched, but under the shared economy, there will be new challenges and spur to the offline operation of the apparel industry.

The development of large brands is still difficult, and small and medium-sized brands are walking on thin ice. Where is the future direction of development and how should we adjust it?

In the last article, we discussed whether the clothing industry really entered the cold winter topic. In fact, this time is a cold winter but also an opportunity for the apparel retailing industry.

For the twenty years of Ma Yun pioneering Alibaba, it is also the twenty year of the reconstruction of China's Internet business foundation. From the beginning, from zero to online payment, online shops, systems and infrastructure have been basically completed.

All of these are affecting our production, life, clothing, necessities and lives to a great extent. So what is the future of the garment industry as the first place? Here are three points for us to sort out.

01 clothing shops in the community

Can community shops really be realized? In fact, there are already quite successful cases.

For example, in a residential community building a community shop, to provide different services for different people. In other words, the community clothing store here is more like a buyer's shop.

In this district, there may be housewives, workplace white-collar workers, students' younger sisters, children and middle-aged children who help their children, etc. These are the objects you can serve.

And you start from their needs, select products for them, achieve good quality and good price, and save time and cost for them to choose and purchase.

For different people to send different needs information, online for their selection, consumers can directly browse the order, you can also make an appointment to shop to try on.

At this time, when consumers fully trust community clerks, they will be recommended to other people at home, so that the product line can be extended effectively.

Therefore, clothing enterprises need more divergent thinking, and the era of "never dealing with users, selling clothes or selling to them" is over.

If we change our concepts and act quickly, we can avoid being revolutioned by others and go through the cold winter successfully.

02 clothing shops in remote suburbs

Of course, the clothing store should be opened in the crowded places, but not in the suburbs.

NO. As clothing knows, inventory has always been the biggest problem in clothing management, and quite a number of operators are being dragged down by inventory.

When you shift your clothing store to a remote suburb, you can rent a very cheap warehouse with a large area, and then transform it into a "clothing factory" like future store.

All the clothes in the store are free to try on, and all the clothes are priced below the shop price.

At the same time, all the shop assistants are changed into professional designers who have studied fashion design. When customers enter a store, according to their innate characteristics and personal preferences, they give advice and transformation from modeling, collocation, and image design, and designers choose to buy and match them one by one, and enjoy the highest level of try out experience.

Finally, after finding the right clothes, it can be paid online or offline, so that not only can establish a long and close customer relationship, but also in apparel inventory management, it is possible to take out the sample first, give it a try and make a reservation, and solve the backlog problem of clothing inventory through systematic analysis.

In this way, the agency cost is removed, the expensive rental cost is removed, the high profits are returned to the consumers, and the quality experience and service are given. They are willing to spend time to spend.

03 flexible and innovative.

The big brands with strong strength will gradually adjust the mode of enterprise promotion, deepen farming and meticulous work, and continue to expand market share.

For small and medium-sized brands, try to diversify the path, constantly try new business models, from the consumer point of view, in order to continue to be.

Of course, there may be more ways and forms in the future, and there will be more emerging brands coming and growing. Only with more flexible and independent management mode, can we constantly seek changes in products and services so as to continue to be recognized by consumers.

Whether it is the impact of the electricity supplier or economic diversification, we must not be afraid that the clothing industry is facing a new shuffle.

This is a new challenge and an excellent counter attack opportunity. In the future, the development and transformation of the garment industry will always be worth looking forward to.

Source: Retail expert

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