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The Release And Combination Of Fashion And Equestrian Elements -- "SEED&SOUL#'S First Look At The World"

2019/9/22 1:56:00 225

Equestrian ElementsSEED&SOULBeijing Fashion Week

Recently, the SEED&SOUL, founded by CHS Youth International Equestrian quality education, appeared at 2019. Beijing International Fashion Week 。 The SEED&SOUL# is the first to take the lead in the world. It conveys the elegance, elegance and excellence of equestrian.

CHS Youth International Equestrian quality education in the 2018-2019 annual celebration, equestrian and art crossover. High end children's wear Zhang Dahua and Lan Zhenghui, a world-class artist, presented their representative paintings to children's fashion, and designed by international famous designer Zhou Niuniu to write a wonderful chapter of equestrian art. The first round, cooperation Top ten designers in China Gu Yuanyuan released the combination of fashion and equestrian elements to perfect the knight's confidence, bravery and excellence.

As a leader in the field of teenage equestrian, CHS has brought horsestars, Cavalier children's Choir and other horsemanship youth education as the core of the exhibition platform to numerous young horsemanship enthusiasts. At the same time, equestrian culture and connotation are well known to more people, and the equestrian interest is guided to the extreme. SEED&SOUL aims to express the Equestrian Knight Spirit and the elegance and nobility in equestrian life. The brand SEED&SOUL implies that the spirit, soul and essence of equestrian art can be sowed and germinated in the crowd, guiding the equestrian to have a deeper understanding and a higher level of cognition.

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