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New Era, New Skills And New Dreams -- Notes On Zhou Shikang'S New Industry Empowerment

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Zhou Shikang. Shenzhen Fashion Designers AssociationHongkong Fashion Design Institute

2019 Shenzhen skills competition - advanced dress custom skills competition starts

On the morning of September 22nd, the 2019 Shenzhen skills competition - the senior dress custom Occupation Skills Competition mobilization meeting was held in the first floor of Shenzhen clothing industry training school. This competition is sponsored by the Shenzhen Fashion Designers Association and the Shenzhen clothing industry training school. With the theme of "new era, new skills and new dreams", Zhou Shikang, President of Shenzhen Fashion Designers Association, Deng Dasheng, founder of Shenzhen Jane's Clothing Co., Ltd., Jiang Zhenhong, general manager of Shenzhen Eagle tresses Co., Ltd., Jiang Zhenhong, Luo Dan, Shenzhen's "skill elite" Lu Yang, Chen Yanjuan and Shenzhen clothing company representatives, fashion designers and fashion tailors, have witnessed this wonderful moment.


   The picture shows Zhou Shikang, chairman of this competition and President of Shenzhen Fashion Designers Association.

Zhou Shikang, President of this competition and President of Shenzhen Fashion Designers Association, made the opening speech first. He said that since the successful launching of the Shenzhen clothing vocational skills competition in 1993, it has set off a round of training for the staff in the clothing industry of Shenzhen, training skills and upgrading skills. It has stimulated the enthusiasm of the constructors and workers in the construction industry. In the more than 20 years since its founding, the Shenzhen clothing vocational skills competition has become the main stage for Shenzhen's apparel industry to realize the value of life, post and talents, and to achieve dreams. It has also become a service platform for Shenzhen's garment industry to excavate talents, discover talents and cultivate talents. Countless frontline employees and industry dreamers who are deeply involved in the construction have worked hard, diligently and diligently, and have shown their talents on this competitive stage. They have won many honors and achieved their own values and ideals in life. I hope you will seize the opportunity, strive for progress and compete at the level, bearing the mission, willing to contribute and serve Shenzhen.


Subsequently, President Zhou Shikang also interpreted the core content of this competition document, and explained in detail the process of competition, the scope of the examination, the main points of operation, and so on, so that the contestants were more confident in the competition.


  The picture shows the experience of Shenzhen's "elite elite" on behalf of Chen Yanjuan.


   The picture shows Shenzhen's "skill elite" representing Lu Yang.

Chen Yanjuan, from Luyang Yang, Guangdong, and the winner of Shenzhen Clothing Co., Ltd., as the representative of Shenzhen's "skills elite" in 2019, have shared their experience in participating in the Shenzhen clothing vocational skills competition. They said they had great help in actively preparing for the examination. They usually learned more, practiced, and accumulated more, loved the industry and worked hard to improve their work. Finally, they would work hard and make good results. At the same time, they also encourage contestants to cherish opportunities, seize opportunities, maintain a good attitude, learn from each other and improve their skills.


   The picture shows Luo Dan, the representative of garment enterprises.


   The picture shows the contestant's speech on behalf of Lin Zi Zi.

Luo Dan, creative director of garment enterprises and Lanxi Daisy Clothing Co., Ltd., Shenzhen, said that Shenzhen skills competition is a big platform for talents and talents cultivation. Enterprises are very welcome, and they are very active in launching their employees' competitions, encouraging technicians to get out of the company, learn more from their peers, promote learning through competition, improve themselves through competition, and improve themselves. Contestant representative Lin Chao Zi also said that many people around Shenzhen promoted the professional level and achieved the fashion dream through the platform of the skills competition. Hope that the majority of the contestants will cherish the opportunity, compete in the level, play the elegant demeanour and play the spirit.


The picture shows the collective oath of the contestants.

The contestants made a collective oath to push the conference to a climax. The players held the right hand and read the oath of the competition. They were clenched, forceful and full of enthusiasm. They expressed the determination to participate actively and forge ahead, and the courage to carry forward the craftsmen's spirit and bear the historic mission.





   The picture shows President Zhou Shikang interviewed by the media.

After the meeting, President Zhou Shikang said in an interview that the new era, new skills and new dreams. This year's competition selection of senior dress is mainly based on the fact that with the gradual increase of the public consumption level and aesthetic concept, a brand new "personalized consumption era" is coming. The personalized "senior dress custom" has become a trend, which is consistent with the times and meets the needs of industry development. The winners of this competition will be awarded the title of "Shenzhen technical expert" by the municipal human resources and Social Security Bureau, and the certificate will be issued. At the same time, the winners of the first prize, the two prize and the three prize will be issued certificates and bonuses by the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security. I hope that all of you will have the courage to work hard, study hard, carry forward the spirit of model workers and craftsmen, and contribute to the construction of Shenzhen's first demonstration area.

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