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For The End Of Several Domestic Garment Enterprises, We Should Be Optimistic About The 60 Years Of The Red Bean Industry'S Unwavering Feelings.

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In September 20th, the "red bean" fashion night was unveiled. "Red bean" (600400) its red bean men's clothing and European famous designer held the 2020 new product conference and the first light goose 2 in Shanghai the Peace Hotel. This is followed by the red bean fashion summit. After the Milan conference, red bean men's wear is another big show. It is also a great move for red bean to strive for Industry and create fashionable and new products.

In April 2017, Zhou Haijiang, chairman of the board of directors of the red bean group, as chairman of the Chinese business enterprise, told the three generations of red beans 60 years' persistence in the road of industry. Taking red bean as an example, it helped the revitalization of China's industry and promoted the spirit of Chinese entrepreneurs and rejuvenated China's industry.

Indeed, after more than 60 years of development, red beans always adhere to the industry.


(red bean industrial city)

Looking back over 60 years of development, red bean has been sticking to industry.

From 1957, only a few cotton handcrafts small workshops of several people, to four major plates across the textile and garment, rubber tires, yew health, and the development of commercial real estate in the park, ranked 94 in the top 500 of China's private enterprises. The Ministry has nearly 30 thousand industrial workers, more than 400 supporting factories and more than 3000 multinational stores. Red beans are getting the opportunity to study the party's principles and policies conscientiously.

At the beginning of the undertaking, the factory mainly produces cotton and knitwear. In the 80s of last century, enterprises entered the track of rapid development. In June 16, 1992, red bean took the lead in establishing the first provincial township enterprise group. In 1995, under the policy of opening up and development of central Pudong, red bean bought Shanghai Shenda motorcycle factory in one fell swoop, creating the first step of merging private enterprises with Shanghai. In 1997, red bean and two other townships and townships were listed as the 120 deepening reform pilot enterprises of the State Council. At the beginning of 2001, the capital market was gradually opened, and the red bean shares seized the opportunity to go on sale in the Shanghai Stock Exchange. At the beginning of the new century, the state encouraged the ecological industry, and red beans began to Plant Taxus artificially, forming a big health industry chain, benefiting the masses, and the surrounding centenarians increased year by year.

In 2007, in response to the call of "going global", the red bean people decided to establish the 11.13 square kilometer Sihanouk Special Economic Zone in Kampuchea. Now 165 enterprises have settled in and become a model of cooperation and win win in the "one belt and one road".

It is not difficult to see from the above that the red bean group has been sticking to the solid economy for more than 60 years. The two companies listed on the red bean group, Hong Kong Group and general stock company, share a common feature, all of which are in the real economy. This is in line with China's stock market orientation, and the stock market has been tilting towards the real economy.

Under the current complex and changeable global economic environment, "three self" is the unique secret of red bean ploughing the real economy. Zhou Haijiang believes that efforts should be made to build three self enterprises, do well in internal strength and do well in their own affairs. At present, the "three big mountains" of the "transforming volcanoes, market icebergs and financing mountains" urgently need to be conquered by enterprises at present. They need not only the party and government at all levels to create a better development environment, but also the need for the enterprises themselves to take the initiative and respond positively, and strive to create "three self enterprises", that is, "independent innovation, independent brand and independent capital".

Among them, we need to rely on "independent innovation" to overcome the "transformed volcanoes", create profit space for enterprises through innovation, and melt the iceberg of the market with "independent brand". Under the market economy environment, the independent brand is a reliable guarantee for dividing the market. Therefore, the government should also vigorously support the enterprise to create its own brand. With independent brands, we can deal with trade wars calmly, and in the process of industrial transfer, we can not lose the initiative, the market will not lose, and the profits will be many. With the "independent capital" to conquer the "financing mountain", the core problem of the difficulty of financing and financing is the lack of independent capital. Chinese enterprises should not only learn from the direct financing mode of the United States, but also grasp the great opportunities for the current state to continuously open the stock market and expand the channels, and actively create conditions for direct listing financing. In short, the ambition of industry is the unswerving development path of the red bean group. Among them, "three self" will become the C power of enterprise development.

To expand industry is the unswerving development path of the red bean group.

In the past 2019 World Expo of IOT Expo, the advanced and precise industry system platform and the advanced intelligent product technology make the red bean industrial Internet platform shine brilliantly at the exhibition. Red beans display many smart wearable products, including fever series, heart monitoring and massage products. During the exhibition, red bean smart wear scene experience number exceeds 3000 people.

At present, in the red bean shirt shop, the red bean textile and garment industry internet platform has been put into operation. In the workshop, cloud MES, cloud APS, cloud O2M, cloud CAD and cloud WMS system are introduced into the workshop. Through this series of software product links, the marketing process from market demand to order production to delivery and after sale is achieved. The successful operation of the platform has made amazing changes in factory production, shortening the time from order to production and delivery by 40%, increasing customer satisfaction by 30%, and increasing production efficiency by 20%.


(general intelligent workshop vulcanization automation logistics delivery)

At the same time, intelligent manufacturing is also extending to the rubber tire industry. The general stock 4 steel plant is under construction. At present, the semi refining workshop has been put into operation, and the semi steel curing workshop has reached the black light plant. At the same time, the planned automatic embryo conveying system for all steel three plants will realize automatic unloading, conveying, weighing and warehousing of the embryo, and the whole process is unmanned.

As the birthplace of China's national industry and commerce, the birthplace of township industry, the gathering place of private economy and the innovation of the Internet of things industry, Wuxi has nurtured the spirit of tin merchants, which is "daring to create people first, perseverance, perseverance, ethics and welfare, and industry to serve the country".

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