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Textile Technology Has Become A Trend In The Age Of Science And Technology.

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Fabric Making

Scientific and technological innovation is a more competitive term. In today's society, all walks of life have been developed rapidly under the impetus of science and technology. On the occasion of the 70th anniversary birthday of new China, at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center, the clothing and textile industry focuses on 2019intertextile autumn and winter noodles accessories exhibition. The combination of technology and fabric is playing the role of industry.

In the functional fabric Museum, Wan Xing long Lin Xionghua introduced us to several new sexual materials. First of all, it is a water environmental protection material, which is very consistent with the current concept of environmental protection. At the same time, the material of regenerative yarn is also a characteristic product of this exhibition. The regenerative yarn is added to the spinning powder when it is spinning into the spinning process and then manufactured. When it is very hot in summer, the clothes of regenerative yarn will have a cool effect instantly.

The more distinctive products are waterborne microporous membranes. Like our traditional down jacket, the traditional technology is rather boring and airtight. Now, this kind of waterborne micro porous material has been developed, which has been greatly improved in air permeability and will not be stuffy in wearing. And when cleaning, it also avoids the phenomenon that the down and cotton are not easy to dry and mouldy in traditional impermeable fabrics.

One way wet wet polypropylene yarn is also featured in use. This material can absorb water on one side and waterproof on the other. It is suitable for outdoor materials. When you exercise, you sweat regularly, and the absorbent side keeps you dry. It doesn't stick to your body. It's more comfortable.

Another elegant group also brought more scientific and technological fabrics.

Outdoor functional fabrics have many functional materials, such as quick drying, UV protection, waterproof and breathable, windproof and fleece proofing. Through the reform of fabric, the dress becomes more comfortable and functional.

Casual fabrics have also been further innovating here. The elegant memory fabric uses imported polyester memory fiber, memory fabric and memory fiber 25D as raw material. It has beautiful appearance and comfortable clothing, and has the effect of smoothing and smoothing.

Low Dan without linen anti velvet products is a major highlight. Yasdi has made a thorough investigation on the raw materials and equipment of the upstream and downstream industries of the related industry chain. Through the improvement of yarn material, density distribution, process flow and auxiliaries, we have made breakthroughs in 15D and 20D no linen anti cashmere. The products have great advantages in many aspects: softness and cotton texture, good anti fleece effect and stability, and progress and breakthroughs in physical properties.

Shandong Sheng Quan New Material Co., Ltd., which brings the biomass graphene, is a great sense of technology. Sheng Quan Group has been focusing on the research and utilization of biomass and all kinds of new materials. After more than thirty years of innovation and development, it has formed a unique industrial chain of comprehensive utilization of biomass.

The inner heating material is made from the advantage of biomass graphene and made of fiber materials. It has absolute advantages in far-infrared, moisture absorption, air permeability, antistatic, bacteriostatic and environmental protection.

Moreover, Sheng Quan produces the warm material of graphene, which fills the gap of the application of graphene in the world. It brings epoch-making opportunities and changes to the field of fiber and textile, and fully demonstrates the strength of science and technology.

Changshu Zhongzhou Textile Sales Co., Ltd. is also carrying the logo of the exhibition booth and the fabric of its technological sense, which is full of 2019intertextile accessories.

The main products of Zhongzhou textile are knitted, polyester, polyester, ammonia and polyester. This brings a very scientific sense of knitted down fabric. As the national R & D base of knitted fabrics for lightweight and cold resistant clothing, the knitted down fabric is the first Zhongzhou textile product and has its own patent. In addition, Bondi composite series and sports function series are also the two major subsidiary products produced this time.

The most distinctive feature of Zhongzhou textile in the 2019intertextile autumn winter noodles accessories exhibition is the lightweight and cold resistant series. Knitted spinning and weaving, and then through the point paste composite way to achieve the channel cloth, and then fill in the pile. To prevent wind, waterproof, breathable and moisture permeable.

On the other hand, when it comes to the feeling and harvest of exhibitors, Lin, manager of Wan Xing long, said that he could share some new technologies with other colleagues and understand some popular trends and some new directions. Compared with previous years, Wan Xing Long booth has more customers this year. This is also a sign that you are more interested in this new material.

With years of exhibitors, Lin also summed up the experience and development of Wan Xing long. In the past, exhibitors were mostly domestic customers, and now they are also in touch with some foreign customers. For example, Andrea is extremely dry. Domestic brands, such as XTEP and YISHION, are brand names. As for Boston, Boston is also working with Wan Xing long. Yesterday, Xue Zhong Fei also came to understand the new products of Wan Xing long.

Technology leads the development of the times and makes life more comfortable. The fabric industry is heading for a more comfortable, convenient and more functional direction. At this level, 2019intertextile autumn winter noodles accessories exhibition once again led the industry to develop together, and pointed out the direction for the development of the industry.

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